Which of the complying with descriptions ideal matches the term endometrium? A) support the uterus laterallyB) special layer the smooth muscle cellsC) ~ ovulation, the ovum is captured by itD) support the uterus anteriorlyE) is composed of a useful zone and also a basilar zone
The wide ligament is A) a pocket formed in between the posterior wall of the uterus and the anterior surface of therectum.B) comprehensive mesentery that encloses the ovaries, uterine tubes, and uterus.C) a structure that extends from the lateral surface of the ovary to the pelvic wall.D) a thickened wrinkles of mesentery the supports and also stabilizes the position of the ovary.E) a framework that anchors the ovary come the rectouterine pouch.

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The organ that transports the ovum come the uterus is the A) infundibulum.B) uterine tube.C) uterosacral ligament. D) myometrium.E) vagina.
The organ that gives mechanical protection and also nutritional assistance for the arising embryo is theA) vagina.B) uterus.C) uterine tube.D) cervix.E) ovary.
The ring ligaments prolong from the A) basic of the uterus and vagina to the lateral wall surfaces of the pelvis.B) cervix of the uterus come the vagina.C) lateral surface ar of the uterus to the anterior surface of the sacrum.D) lateral margins of the uterus, v the inguinal canal to the external genitalia. E) body of the uterus to the fundus.
The inferior portion of the uterus the projects right into the vagina is the A) fornix. B) body. C) isthmus. D) cervix. E) fundus.
Fatty crease of skin the encircle and partially conceal the labia minora and vestibule room the A) vestibular arches.B) fornices.C) mons pubis. D) labia majora.E) ampullae.
The clitoris A) contains erectile tissue similar to the corpora cavernosa the the penis.B) is derived from the exact same embryonic structures as the cock in males.C) engorges v blood during sexual arousal.D) is topped by a little erectile glans. E) all of the answers room correct.
Another term for vulva is A) gonads.B) labia.C) female outside genitalia. D) accessory glands.E) vagina.
Follicle-stimulating hormone A) stimulates mature of primordial follicles in the ovary.B) stimulates ovulation.C) is vital only in females.D) stimulates the thyroid follicles. E) every one of the answers space correct.
A tires follicle releases an ovum in solution to a surging in A) progesterone.B) oxytocin.C) follicle-stimulating hormone. D) estrogen.E) luteinizing hormone.
After ovulation, the ovary secretes A) estrogen.B) progesterone.C) both estrogen and progesterone.D) luteinizing hormone, estrogen, and progesterone.E) luteinizing hormone.
A medicine that blocked the enzyme aromatase would perform what come a patient? A) prevent the synthesis of estrogenB) alleviate the threat of chest cancerC) carry on symptom of menopauseD) increase the threat of osteoporosis E) every one of the answers space correct.
Which the the complying with descriptions best matches the hatchet uterine tube? A) has stratified squamous epitheliumB) passes with erectile organization in malesC) consist of the glans penis or glans clitorisD) has ciliated epitheliumE) whereby mature sperm room stored and processed
Which of the following statements about the menstrual cycle is true? A) the very first occurrence is termed menarcheB) is skipped in pregnancyC) it is ultimately regulated by GnRH D) often requires painful myometrial convulsion E) every one of the answers space correct.
Emission and ejaculation A) begins with peristaltic contractions that the ampulla.B) is responsible because that propelling semen right into the woman reproductive tract.C) occurs under sorry stimulation.D) involves contractions the the bulbospongiosus muscle. E) all of the answers are correct.
Contractions that the bulbospongiosus muscles an outcome in A) erection.B) ejaculation.C) detumescence. D) emission.E) impotence.
Which that the complying with is (are) a kind of sexually transmitted disease? A) chlamydiaB) AIDSC) gonorrheaD) genital herpesE) all of the answers room correct.

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For erection to happen A) the sacral spinal cord have to be intact.B) there have to be enough blood hydrostatic pressure.C) nitric oxide have to be present.D) blood circulation to the penis must increase. E) all of the answers are correct.
Which the the complying with does not happen after menopause? A) estrogen level riseB) expression cycles ceaseC) GnRH secretion increases D) FSH secretion increasesE) ovulation ceases




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