Classicism, together a stylistic period in western arts music, around encompassed the years


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The preclassical period roughly included the years


The completely developed classical style in music flourished throughout the period


Which of the complying with statements is not true of the classical period?

Philosophers and writers in the classical period believed that custom and also tradition, fairly than reason, were the ideal guides to human being conduct.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and _____ were two of the more important preclassical composers.

Johann Christian Bach

Which the the following composers is not considered a master of the timeless period?

Johann Christian Bach

Which that the adhering to statements is not true?

Composers in the classical duration continued to usage terraced dynamics in their compositions.

Which that the following characteristics is not usual of the music the the timeless period?

Classical music is basically polyphonic.

Which that the adhering to statements is not true that the music of the classic period?

The basso continuo was the cell nucleus of the crucial ensemble.

The usual orchestra the the classical duration consisted of

strings, pairs of woodwinds, horns, trumpets, and also timpani.

Which that the adhering to instruments were not normally had in the timeless orchestra?


A symphony is a

sonata for orchestra.

Social mobility during the classical duration was

an vital factor in the increase of the middle class

Political and economic power shifted to the middle class from the aristocracy and the


In the timeless period, significant composition was flavored by

folk and also popular music

The being successful middle course in the classical period sought aristocratic luxuries such as

All answers room

Public concerts presented through the Concert des Amateurs in Paris in the 1770s were carried out by

The Chevalier de Saint-Georges.

Which of the complying with statements is no true?

Political and economic power shifted during the classical duration from the middle class to the aristocracy and the church.

Joseph Haydn was content to spend most of his life

serving a affluent aristocratic family.

Haydn’s contract the employment reflects that he was considered

a experienced servant

Vienna, when Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven were active,

All answers space correct.had a population of almost 250,000.was the chair of the holy Roman Empire.was the fourth-largest city in Europe.

Composers in the classical duration took middle-class tastes into account by

All answers room correct.writing run music because that public balls.writing comic operas that sometimes ridiculed the aristocracy.flavoring their severe compositions through folk and also popular music.

In the timeless period, comic operas sometimes

ridiculed the aristocracy.

In Vienna, Haydn and also Mozart

became close friends.

Sonata form is used frequently as the type for the ________ activity of a multimovement work.

All answers room fast.slow.first

Which the the complying with is not component of a sonata form movement?


Sonata kind consists the three key sections: exposition, development, and


In the exposition of a sonata-form movement

the 2nd theme is in a brand-new key.

In the recapitulation of a sonata-form movement

the closing section is in the tonic key.

At the end of a timeless exposition there normally is a

repeat sign.

Which that the complying with statements is not true?

The 2nd theme return in the recapitulation of a sonata kind movement in an exact repetition of its declare in the exposition.

A transitional passage the leads to a contrasting section is referred to as a


A modulation indigenous the home crucial to a new crucial in the exposition of a sonata form movement takes location in the


A feeling of harmonic tension and also forward activity is developed in the exposition the a sonata type movement by

the dispute of tonalities between the first and second themes.

Short musical ideas or fragments of themes that are developed within a composition are called


The three main sections that a sonata-form activity are often complied with by a finish section recognized as the


Sonata form should be viewed as

a collection of ethics that serve to shape and unify contrasts that theme and key.

Each successive variation in a template with variations

retains some aspects of the theme.

Theme-and-variations type may be schematically outlined as


Which the the following statements is not true?

The first movement of Haydn’s surprise symphony is in theme and variations form

Which of the following aspects is typically not adjusted in varying the design template in theme and also variations form?


The _________ movement of Haydn’s surprise Symphony is in theme-and-variations form.


The minuet and also trio motion of a timeless symphony, string quartet, or various other work, is in ____________ form.


The movement of a sonata-type composition the is frequently patterned after a dance is the


The minuet is generally the _________ motion of a timeless symphony.


The kind known together minuet and also trio is employed as the __________ motion of classic symphonies, string quartets, and also other works.


The minuet an initial appeared approximately 1650 together a(n)

dance at the court of Louis XIV of France.

The personality of the minuet is best described as

stately and also dignified.

The minuet as a whole may be outlined as


Which of the following is no a properties of the minuet?

Quick, lively tempo

Which the the following statements is no true?

The character of the minuet is finest described together brisk and lively.

In numerous of Beethoven’s works, over there is a _______ movement rather of the minuet.


The scherzo different from the minuet in that it

moves more quickly.

The dual bass in the classical orchestra, as in Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, usually

doubles the cello part an octave lower.

A _____________ is a musical composition the is commonly light in mood, and also meant for evening entertainment.


Typical in timeless music, the string bass component in Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

sounds an octave lower than the cello part.

The rondo may be diagram outlined as


A usual rondo sample is


Another common rondo pattern is


The return that the main theme in rondo type is every the much more welcome since it is usually

in the tonic key.

The sonata-rondo

All answers room correct.usually has actually a lively, pleasing, and basic to remember theme.combines rondo type with facets of sonata form.may it is in outlined as ABA-development section-ABA.

The key theme that the rondo

is typically in the tonic key.

Because the its character, the rondo most regularly serves as a


The rondo was used

as late as the twentieth century.

Which the the adhering to statements is not true?

The rondo together a musical type was not supplied in music compositions ~ the classical period.

Symphony may be characterized as a(n)

All answers space correct.extended, ambitious composition exploiting the expanded variety of ton color and also dynamics the the timeless orchestra.sonata for orchestra.musical composition for orchestra, normally in 4 movements.

The usual order of activities in a classic symphony is

fast, slow, dance-related, fast.

The very first movement the a timeless symphony is nearly always fast, and in _____ form.


Which that the following is not true of the symphony?

It is a music composition because that solo instrument and also orchestra.

ABA form is typical of the minuet or scherzo movement and is likewise common in the

slow movement.

Which that the adhering to statements is not true?

The opening activity of a timeless symphony is virtually always slow and also in ABA form.

The lyrical slow movement of a symphony is most often the


Unlike the other activities in the symphony, the _____________ movement is normally not in the tonic key.


The slow activity of a classic symphony

is usually not in the tonic key.

The last movement of a timeless symphony

All answers are always in the tonic key of the normally fast, lively, and brilliant, however somewhat lighter in mood than the opened most frequently in sonata or sonata-rondo form.

Unity is achieved in the timeless symphony partly by the use of the same

key in 3 of its 4 movements.

A concerto is a massive work in several movements for

an instrumental soloist and orchestra.

A classical concerto is a three-movement work for

instrumental soloist and orchestra.

Which that the adhering to statements is not true?

A usual sequence of movements in a classic concerto is fast, slow, dance-related, fast.

The favored solo instrument in the classical concerto was the


Mozart and Beethoven created a number of concertos for your favorite solo instrument, the


A common sequence of movements in a timeless concerto is

fast, slow, fast.

The first movement the a timeless concerto

has 2 expositions.

The classic concerto differs from the symphony in that it does not have a ___________ movement.

minuet or scherzo

The symphonic movement usually lacking in the concerto is the

minuet or scherzo.

A brilliant solo ar in a concerto designed to display screen the performer’s virtuosity is called

a cadenza.

A stop in the score that a concerto is shown by a


Classical room music is designed

for the intimate setting of a little room.

The many important kind of timeless chamber music is the

string quartet.

A major factor that distinguishes room music from the symphony or concerto is that chamber music

is carry out by one player per part.

The string quartet

All answers are written for two violins, viola, and also cello.s the many important form in classic chamber music.usually consists of four movements.

The classic string quartet is a music composition for

two violins, viola, and also cello

Which the the adhering to statements is no true?

The piano trio is a music composition for 3 pianos.

The usual order of motions in a timeless string quartet is

fast, slow, minuet or scherzo, fast.

The piano trio is a musical composition for

violin, cello, and piano.

Haydn to be fortunate in having actually a long and fruitful, and financially stable, partnership with the noble Hungarian family members of


Which of the adhering to was not one of Haydn’s duties if in the business of the Esterházys?

Teaching music to the choir boys

Haydn’s contract that employment mirrors that he was considered

a experienced servant.

The twelve symphonies created for the concert manager J. P. Salomon for power at his public concert are likewise known together the __________ symphonies, for the city in which castle were very first performed.


Haydn’s two famous oratorios are entitled The seasons and

The Creation.

Haydn was a prolific composer, as demonstrated in component by his 68 wire quartets and 104


Which that the complying with is no a characteristics of Haydn’s music?

There are couple of changes in texture and orchestration.

Along v his symphonies, Haydn’s ___________ are considered his most crucial works.

string quartets

Mozart was born in

Salzburg, Austria

By the period of six, Mozart could

All answers room music perfectly at sight.improvise fugues and also write the harpsichord and violin.

Which that the adhering to statements is no true?

In his later on years, Mozart to be financially fine off, extensively acclaimed, and also sought ~ by an adoring public.

Between the ages of six and fifteen, Mozart

was continually on tour in England and also Europe.

Mozart’s trips come Italy

enabled him to study and also master the Italian operatic style.

Mozart composed his Requiem

on commission indigenous a stranger.

Mozart’s Requiem was

finished by among his pupils.

The standard brochure of the compositions that Mozart was made by

Ludwig von Köche.l

In creating music, Mozart

composed extended works fully in his mind.

Mozart’s German operas are different from his Italian people in the the German works

include talked dialogue.

Which that the adhering to is not among Mozart’s 3 masterpieces the Italian opera?


Mozart’s ideal German opera was

The Magic Flute

Don Giovanni, in Mozart’s opera of the name, is

the legendary Spanish lover.

Mozart’s Symphony No. 40

is among his last 3 symphonies.

Which the the following is not true that the late eighteenth-century fortepiano?

It weighed the exact same as the contemporary piano.

The third Symphony of Beethoven was originally composed come commemorate the deeds the _________ as the embodiment of heroism and democratic ideals.

Napoleon Bonaparte


All answers are correct.began to feel the very first symptoms of hearing disabled in his twenty-ninth year.was self-educated and also had read widely, but was weak in elementary school arithmetic.was a excellent pianist

Which of the complying with statements is not true?

Like Haydn and also many various other composers that the classical period, Beethoven was many successful financially as soon as in the service of the aristocracy.

We have actually a record of Beethoven’s struggle with his music material due to the fact that of his habit of

carrying musical sketchbooks.

Beethoven’s so late works, created after he was totally deaf, include

All answers are correct.the nine Symphony.string quartets.piano sonatas.

The music heir that Haydn and Mozart, Beethoven linked the ________ and also __________ periods.

classical, romantic

Beethoven, in to compare with previously composers, was far more extensive and also explicit in noting __________ in his scores.


Which the the adhering to techniques go Beethoven not use in unifying the contrasting motions of a symphony, sonata, or wire quartet?

Using the exact same tonality for each the the movements

In Beethoven’s music, the coda is

often expanded and also serves to construct themes further.

Beethoven greatly increased the _____________ ar of the sonata-form movement and also made it an ext dramatic.


A piano sonata is a musical composition in two or an ext movements for


The choral finale the Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is based on

Schiller’s Ode come Joy.

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is unexplained in the it is scored because that ____________ as well as orchestra.

four vocal soloists and also a chorus

Beethoven’s 16 __________ are usually considered among the biggest music ever composed.

string quartets

Beethoven’s greatest liturgical music is come be found in his

Missa Solemnis.

Beethoven’s just opera is entitled


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The character of the minuet is ideal described as

stately and also dignified

A common rondo sample is


A excellent solo section in a concerto designed to display screen the performer’s virtuosity is called a


The usual order of activities in a classical symphony is

fast, slow, dance-related, fast

In plenty of of Beethoven’s works there is a ______ movement instead of the minuet.


The classic concerto is a large-scale work in three movements for

solo instrument and also orchestra

A symphony is a

sonata because that orchestra

The standard directory of the compositions of Mozart to be made by

Ludwig von Köchel

Chamber music is defined by

having one performer every part

A wire quartet is a musical composition for

two violins, viola, and also cello

Classicism, as a stylistic period in music, figured prominently throughout the years