nt assets than present liabilities A firm that has actually twice more equity than debt A firm that depends heavily on debt

A firm that relies heavily on debt are the firm that define a very leverage firm. Highly leveraged firm describe a firm that relies on obtained resources. They have actually better debt that equity. Their debt is what they taken into consideration as asset.

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An elastic assets prices are responsive to changes in demand also. Usually, the necessity of the product is related to it"s elasticity. For example, insulin is necessary for diabetics, so the price is very inelastic—world will pay any type of amount bereason it is a life or death instance. The price of a new MP3 player have the right to be inelastic, specifically because outcomes show that people want the newest point, and will pay even more if it functions better than the previous design. Additionally, the price of "scalper" tickers to the World Series will boost by demand also, but they will certainly still offer regardmuch less. The price of dairy commodities, however, is quite elastic; this is bereason when the price rises, world switch to a cheaper brand also. The distinction in between an inelastic and elastic product is that elastic commodities have substitutes, whereas inelastic commodities have no substitutes (or periodically extremely few).urbanbreathnyc.com: A. the price of dairy productshope this helps :)
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The amount of u.s. dollars demanded in the currency industry depends in part on:
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The quantity of UNITED STATE dollars demanded in the money sector depends in part on transfer payments from foreign individuals, firms or governments to the U.S. Transfer payments is once money is offered or income is received as soon as no items or services are being phelp for. Due to the fact that money is being provided however nothing is being phelp for, they are taken into consideration payments and also potential income. 
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The Oakland Mills Company type of has actually disclosed the following financial indevelopment in its annual reports for the period finishing March 31
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NET INCOME $392,681.25


To find net income we must first calculate the pre-tax income and then calculate the taxes and subtract


sales 1,681,000

(COGS) (812,300)


(Depreciation expense) (175,000)

(Interemainder expense) (89,575)

pre-tax earnings 604,125


tax income

604,125* 0.35= (211,443.75)

net earnings = 392,681.25

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In general, a bigger R squared has a tendency to indicate that:_______.
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c. the estimated sample regression function explains a higher percent of the explained variation in y


The over is the factor mirroring the straight correlation in between the sample regression and the R Square value.

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Using the tables above, what is the current worth of $6,000 to be obtained at the end of each of the following four years, assuming a
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b. $19,020


Note: This question is not complete. The finish question is therefore offered in the attached pdf file before urbanbreathnyc.coming the question. Please, see the attached file for the complete question.

Also note that the "1. Option A 2. Option B 3. Option C" are not actually part of the question.

The explacountry to the urbanbreathnyc.com is currently provided as follows:

Note: This is an instance of annuity. An annuity can be described as a collection of payments made or income got at equal intervals.

Therefore, the relevant table in the question is the second table, i.e. table for the existing worth of an annuity of $1 at compound interemainder.

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To calculate the existing value (PV), the following for formula is used:

PV = ACI * PVA10% ............................ (1)

PV = Present value = ?

ACI = Annual cash inflows = $6,000

PVA = Present out worth of annuity of $1 at 10% for 4 years = 3.170

Keep in mind that the PVA is obtained for year 4 at 10% from the second table as currently explained over.