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Many times once you watch two eighth notes together, they are connected by a beam. 

This beam is a darkened line that runs horizontally (left to right) to connect the tops of the stems.


The tribe can challenge either increase or down. However lock appear, you will certainly still treat castle in the very same way.

Sometimes, you have the right to see 4 eighth notes beamed together that looks prefer this:


Do you ever before see an ext than 4 eighth notes beamed together?

Not really, four eighth notes are the most you will generally see beamed together in 2/4, 3/4, or 4/4 time without any kind of rests in between.

However, you deserve to see 6, 8, or much more eighth notes beamed with each other in 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, or 12/8 time.

Exactly how eighth notes job-related in different time signatures is a great discussion for one more time.

Right now, let’s number out mathematically how eighth note are pertained to other note values.

The worth of Eighth Notes

Eighth notes equal 1/2 a count. Do you recognize how numerous eighth notes it bring away to same a quarter note?

Yep, that takes two eighth note to same 1 quarter note. (1/2 + 1/2 = 1)

If this doesn’t do sense, try dividing a quarter keep in mind in half. The two parts you finish up with space a 1/2 (1 single eighth note) and also a 1/2 (1 single eighth note).

Together they same 1 complete count or 1 quarter note.

1 fifty percent note = 4 eighth notes

1 entirety note = 8 entirety notes

How to counting Them


The easiest method to count 2 eighth note is by speak “1” for the first eighth note adhered to by “&” because that the second. (“1 – &”)

For 4 eighth notes, you would count it prefer this “1 – & – 2 – &”


What about 8 eighth notes? This is just how you would count those “1 – & – 2 -& – 3 – & – 4 – &”


The number constantly represents the beat help you to understand what count you space on in the measure.

The “&” is just a way of sounding the 2nd eighth note evenly in time before the next beat.

If you space tapping her foot, her foot will go under on to win “1” and up ~ above the “&”. This should take place consistently.

Avoid tapping the rhythm (every solitary eighth note) fairly than tapping the beat (numbers only). The foot should always come up on the “&’s” the every beat.

Eighth Notes because that Young Children

In elementary school grade schools, numerous music teachers will first teach eighth notes as “ti-ti’s” come young youngsters who are not ready to count them in a an ext traditional way.

This is genius because students can still endure these species of note at a young age and do so very accurately.

I have also heard teachers use words such together “jel-lo” or “happ-y” through two syllables come simulate two eighth notes.

Again, this is a an excellent way to an initial learn these varieties of notes.

Eventually, you do want to move to counting making use of the to win (1) adhered to by “&”. 

This is truly the best means to counting eighth notes in your head if you space singing or playing an instrument.

If you space counting that s right in her head, you will play the notes perfectly every time.

There is no various other trick to counting more complex rhythms. The IS the trick!

In the End

When girlfriend see two eighth notes (usually beam together, but sometimes not), counting them as “1 – &”. Eighth notes are worth a 1/2 count each.

Therefore, two eighth notes equal a total of 1 entirety count.

Don’t let these small “twins” intimidate you. They really space not hard to learn.

Practice tapping her foot and also counting them the end loud. Do this sufficient times till you really feeling comfortable through this rhythm.

In no time, girlfriend will master every eighth keep in mind you uncover in your music.

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