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hatchet Adenine
Definition The nitrogen base that binds through Thymine.

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Term Anticodon
Definition The 3 nitrogen bases found on a tRNA molecule that bind v mRNA
Term Codon
Definition A triplet that nucleotides in the mRNA, which mentions amino mountain in the synthetic ofprotein molecules.
Term Cytosine
Definition The nitrogen base the binds through guanine.
Term Deoxyribose sugar
Definition The street molecule that provides up the backbone the DNA.
Term double Helix-
Definition This hatchet in used to describe the framework of DNA, i m sorry is sometimes defined as a twisted ladder
Term Guanine
Definition The nitrogen base the binds v Cytosine.
Term Hydrogen bond-
Definition The kind of link found in between the nitrogen bases top top a DNA molecule.
Term Messenger RNA-
Definition This molecule is what is supplied as the coded article for a protein. It is make in the nucleus, climate travels to the ribosom to begin making the protein.
Term Mutation
Definition A adjust in DNA.
Term Nitrogen Base-
Definition These molecules comprise the center of the DNA strand. Examples include Adenine and also Guanine
Term Nucleotide-
Definition The basic building block that a DNA molecule.
Term Peptide Bond-
Definition The form of bond the forms between two amino acids in a protein.
Term Polypeptide-
Definition This refers to a molecule that includes many peptide bonds. This can likewise be supplied to define a protein.
Term Replication
Definition The procedure that wake up in the cell core of cells where you make a brand-new DNA strand.
Term Ribose Sugar-
Definition The sugar molecule that makes up the backbone the RNA.
Term ribosom RNA-
Definition The molecules that consist of the ribosome.
Term Thymine-
Definition The nitrogen base the binds with Adenine.

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Term transfer RNA-
Definition The molecule offered to move amino mountain to the ribosome.
Term Transcription-
Definition The process that occurs in the nucleus of a cell wherein a new strand of messenger RNA is made
Term Translation-
Definition The process that occurs at ribosomes when amino acids are attached together to type proteins
Term Uracil-
Definition The nitrogen base that replaces Thymine in an RNA strand. (this is only discovered in RNA)