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Kristen Bell (from left), Mila Kunis and also Kathryn Hahn in "A poor Moms Christmas." | boy name Bronwyn Gayle/STX entertain
as someone who has actually spent a couple of holiday seasons roughly, Mila Kunis was came to that “A negative Moms Christmas” (opening Wednesday) “really look like it was shot in” — also though it was shot in Atlanta.

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“We had actually a wonderful production architecture team, but they were perfectly happy v us providing them tips — especially around what homes would look like in neighborhoods,” claimed Kunis around herself and also other cast members familiar with the city.

She and also co-star Kathryn Hahn, a Northwestern alum, likewise made certain that scene shot in malls “really looked like the people I’ve to be to in, and especially in the suburbs,” claimed Kunis, that has remained in both together a visitor and to shoot the exterior scenes because that the original 2016 hit “Bad Moms.”

“I think they go a really authentic job,” included Hahn together the actresses chatted increase the film in Water Tower location the various other day.

When it pertained to this sequel, Kunis said, “we were so grateful that us wrapped filming when we did. Think about it. Us were in Atlanta, pretending it to be, however it to be springtime, bordering on the start of summer. The a Christmas movie, for this reason naturally, we’re every decked the end in heavy sweaters, parkas, and also all type of woolen clothing.

“The an excellent news: We gained out of there before it really obtained hot and steamy, as Atlanta does in the summertime.”

One of the main themes the the film focuses on numerous mothers’ desire to stage the perfect Christmas experiences for your families. In the case of Kunis’ Amy character, shot as tough as she does, she never comes close to corresponding the overbearing perfectionism of her mother, Ruth (Christine Baranski).

“I think a most moms will go to watch this movie and also hopefully realize they just need come relax. Who cares if her tree and also decorations aren’t favor something out of Neiman Marcus?! The vacation is all about family and having fun — and hopefully, that’s what we’ve put throughout here,” added Kunis.

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In “A poor Moms Christmas,” we acquire to watch three really different mother-daughter relationships. In addition to the extreme Amy-Ruth conflicts, Susan Sarandon dram Isis — a pot-smoking cost-free spirit whose partnership with her daughter Carla (Hahn) is more like the of a wayward sibling. Climate there’s Kiki (Kristen Bell) and her smothering mommy Sandy (Cheryl Hines), who still treats her daughter choose she’s not lot older 보다 an infant.

“We gained it every in this film,” stated Kunis. “From the twisted mother to the overbearing mommy to the crushingly i heard mom. I think, in a comedic way, we present how all impact one another. … Yet, at the end of the day, ns think we additionally come to view that all moms require their other support groups of various other moms,who understand what they’re going through. … we all need friends we deserve to trust and respect, that we can entirely vent to.”