If you space facing issues printing single-side or double-side ~ above Mac, see Unable to publish double-side or single-side in Acrobat top top Mac


You can print double-sided if your press supports double-sided (duplex printing) feature.

Note: Double-sided to press is additionally called duplex, ago to back, front and also back, or two-sided printing.

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The press driver controls the options, not urbanbreathnyc.com Acrobat or urbanbreathnyc.com Reader. Check your printer documentation to check out what functions your press supports.

In the print dialog box, allow Print on both sides of paper, and choose an edge to Flip.

Note: There could be a scenario once a printer in reality supports duplex and this option does not appear on publish dialog. In together cases, you may click on printer nature to directly access this choice from printer preferences.


Print in black and also white


You have the right to print a color PDF in shades that gray (also well-known as grayscale or composite gray).

In the publish dialog box, permit Print In Grayscale (Black and White).

Print at a various size


You deserve to scale the web page to shrink or enlarge pages as soon as you print. You can instantly scale come fit the paper or manually scale by percentages

In the publish dialog box, click Size and also then specify the scaling options.

Actual Size Prints the pages there is no scaling. Pages or selections the don’t to the right on the paper are cropped. Girlfriend can set this alternative as the default utilizing the None print preset. See produce print presets.

Shrink Oversize Pages Shrinks big pages to fit the right now selected document size yet doesn’t enlarge small pages. If an area is selected and also is bigger than the printable area the the at this time selected paper, that scaled to fit the printable area. This alternative is always energetic during N-up printing. You can collection this option as the default making use of the Default publish preset. See develop print presets.

Custom Scale Resizes the page by the percentage you specify.

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Choose file Source by PDF page Size (Windows) uses the PDF page size to determine the output tray fairly than the web page setup option. This alternative is beneficial for to press PDFs the contain multiple page sizes on printers that have actually different-sized output trays.