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"When The Stars walk Blue" is a popular alternative country track composed and also originally perform by solo artist and also former Whiskeytown band member Ryan Adams. That was an initial released on his album gold on September 25, 2001 and has been defined as the "most gorgeous ballad" on that album. "When The Stars walk Blue has been covered by numerous artists, consisting of Irish tape The Corrs (featuring Bono that U2), nation music singer Tim McGraw, and Norwegian artist Venke Knutson and also Kurt Nilsen together a duo. Much more »

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Dancin" when the stars go blueDancin" when the evening fellDancin" in your wooden shoesIn a wedding gownDancin" out on 7th streetDancin" through the undergroundDancin" v the marionetteAre you happy now?Where do you go as soon as you"re lonely?Where carry out you go as soon as you"re blue?Where do you go once you"re lonely?I"ll follow youWhen the stars go blueStars walk blueStars walk blueStars go blueLaughin" v your pretty mouthLaughin" through your broken eyesLaughin" with your lover"s tongueIn a lullabyWhere do you go when you"re lonely?Where perform you go when you"re blue?Where perform you go as soon as you"re lonely?I"ll follow youWhen the stars go blueStars walk blueStars walk blueStars go blue

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Tim McGraw Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw (born may 1, 1967) is an American nation singer and actor. Plenty of of McGraw"s albums and singles have actually topped the nation music charts with full album sales in overfill of 40 million systems in the US, making that the eighth best-selling artist, and also the third best-selling country singer, in the Soundscan era. He is married to country singer confidence Hill and is the boy of former baseball player Tug McGraw. More »

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