It’s just around Valentine’s Day, and in respect of the Hallmark-iest holiday, I wanted to find out exactly how some of mine relationship-ed girlfriend knew that they had found their special someone. It might be a moment, a glance, or the method he bound his shoes. Love is just like that, ns guess. Check out on for some adorable stories of the “moment i knew he to be the one.” and please, please share her gushy love story in the comments!


“I knew we were lifers once we learned we had actually the very same favorite sociologist (ERVING GOFFMAN FTW). We’re walk on nearly a decade and also counting.” – Carolyn

“We were at a home party, ns knew of that through common friends but we’d never spoken. He came to sit next to me and the an initial words he ever before spoke to me were ‘HP Lovecraft?’. Within seconds we to be nerding out and also drawing Shoggoths, and the rest is history. I’m sure if he were lively Lovecraft would certainly be overjoyed he’d lugged us together, that misanthropic, misogynistic old coot.” – Alice

“The work after we met, i picked him up at his place and we drove come a regional park. Us walked depend a course in the woods (yes I went to the woods through a finish stranger, ns was only 18 and kind that dumb) and came come a clearing at the leaf of lake. We sat and started talking. Literally hours went by and also it felt prefer minutes. By the finish of the evening he to be embracing me and I knew this to be different, I never ever felt such security prefer I did through his arms approximately me. We saw each other every job after that.

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A week later I was coming out of occupational (I managed a save in the mall) and walking towards my automobile I watch a keep in mind on my windshield. I open up it and also petals autumn out, its a keep in mind from a “secret admirer.” I immediately start freaking out and looking about the empty parking lot. Together I ongoing reading, i hear indigenous a distance Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” and also he pops out of a shrub with a stereo on his head and also a bundle of flower in his mouth. He entirely John Cusacked me. He walks in the direction of me and also I am unsure exactly how to feel; i was embarrassed, blown off my feet and fully enamored. We kissed because that the very first time — and also that was the minute I knew he was everything.” – Melissa

“The very first time we spent his birthday together, 3 months into dating, i played that cool and bought him a CD and took him out for pizza. The surprised me with a gift, too: A pink, electrical toothbrush to save at his house. I remember thinking, ‘I love you i love you ns love you,’ but only smiled favor a stunner person.” – Amy


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“I knew he to be the one once I freaked out and tried to rest up with him one evening, due to the fact that I to be scared of gift in a connection with someone who was divorced and had a kid. Ns said, ‘I deserve to never have actually your very first born!’ (Yikes that was after three months of dating). He was heartbroken and also I left the in a pizza place. The following morning i woke up v a hole in me and also I knew ns couldn’t permit him go … the he to be the one. We’ve to be together ever before since.” – Katie

“We were standing in line for breakfast (school cafeteria, us met in college) and also I was complaining around the terrible breakfast selection. Matt said he do killer coco chip pancakes. Those room my favorite and also I thought…. A young after my very own heart. A couple of weeks later on he do me cacao chip pancakes, and to this day, they are still the finest chocolate chip pancakes i have have ever before had. Fifteen year later, that still provides them because that me!” – Nicole

“Adam and I had been together for around a month, and he was visiting me in NYC throughout my internship. We invested the entire day go literally the length of Manhattan — beginning from the ’80s and also ending at the Manhattan bridge — not also noticing hurting feet; simply gazing right into each others eyes, and also probably being a little ridiculous. We got to dinner (a an excellent place called Cafe Gitane in Nolita) and also all I wanted to say to be “I love you” but it was too soon. So instead I said, ‘I feel favor I’m dreaming.’ and the truth is, I’ve never woken up!” – Carrie

“After dinner, Peter and also I stepped outside and also he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. First kisses room so vital — the sacred exchange the breath and affection transacted through the many intimate orifice the all, the mouth. His lips were soft yet firm. I returned his kiss eagerly, the umbrella wedged awkwardly in between us. Once we damaged apart, I observed the hostess inside the restaurant laugh at us. Rain splashed everywhere.


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‘You taste favor duck.’ Peter said. We stopped at every edge to kiss again.

On the walk earlier to the W Hotel in Union Square, through Peter’s hand in mine, ns felt safe. I felt warm. I felt loved. As we tumbled into bed, skin sliding across skin, kisses fraught with urgency, ns realized: i am loved.

He i was withdrawn from his luggage a gift, and insisted that ns unwrap it. It to be a publication of dram by Thornton Wilder. ‘I purchase this for you ~ you began writing that an initial project for me,” he said. ‘Turn to Nascuntur Poetae. I want you to check out it.’

‘Aloud?’ i asked.

‘It’s not long, just three pages. Ns would prefer it if girlfriend did.’

So ns did. That a quick play about the gifts of talent and artistry, and the devastating pain and suffering the accompanies them. Together my voice rang through the room, i felt my love shudder and also quiver. Ns knew what he was trying to tell me.” – Selena

I knew he was the one once I said, ‘I love gift in this cursed relationship,’ and he said, ‘You’re in a committed relationship? v who?’

I know he is the one due to the fact that he set up a hand rail banister because that my 90-year-old dad. It’s really convenient.


I’m never ever leaving this guy and I never want to be without this guy. I love that man of mine.” – Rose

When i met mine now-husband, Jason, in 2005, he was going v a divorce, and also I was busy finding out what ns don’t like around relationships through my then-boyfriend. This make us, ns guess, the world’s many successful fag story.

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There no a singular time as soon as I knew Jason to be the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with — the was more like a collection of tiny (yet overwhelming) exchanges that would cause me to tear up v happiness. This had actually never occurred to me before. And also it’s extraordinary.

Yes, there to be the 3 brilliant volumes of Valentine’s day mix CDs followed by a sheepish ‘I’ve never made a girl a mix before.’ Those memories room awesome, and fun to tell her friends. But I’m talking an ext about the important arresting moment that taken place when we were giggling through the grocery store, or steering silently, stop hands and also listening come Neil Young, and we’d look at every other and also realize that this to be the many fun either of us had ever before had in our lives.” – Kim