Netflix: 15 ideal Movies and also TV shows To Watch before They leave In February Netflix is losing a many of good movies and TV shows in February. Here"s what"s leaving and also why friend should shot and catch them before they go.

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Meg Griffin after prison in family members Guy
A brand-new month always method a brand-new Netflix catalog; or in ~ least, a slightly various one. This February, we bid a fond farewell to number of movies you might not have seen yet, a couple that you absolutely have, some phenomenal classic films, and also (gasp) the glory the is Family Guy. When this isn’t a full carnage of significant losses for most fans, over there are certainly a few movies and series leaving Netflix this month the we will certainly really, really miss.

From the ever-gorgeous Audrey Hepburn come Tim Burton’s beautiful world, to some much more rough and also ready offerings, here are few of the best offerings leaving Netflix in February, so clock ‘em while you can.

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
This 2005 stop-motion animation from the twisted mind of Tim Burton will be leaving Netflix ~ above the 1st - breaking the understanding of any kind of fan that was plan on streaming it for a gothic Valentine’s job celebration. Around a young woman that was murdered by she suitor, and the young man who accidentally marries her and follows her into the underworld, this is spookily charming and will definitely be missed come Halloween.

 Leaving: Feb 1st

14. Family Guy

Family guy Griffins city hall TV
The Griffin household are headed off Netflix this month as well, breaking the understanding of anyone that loves to watch this man and really adult man series. In the exact same vein as The Simpsons (there’s even a crossover episode), Family Guy adheres to the boorish man of the house and his long-suffering and much hotter wife as they try and raise a family in small-town America. Foul-mouthed, violent and hilarious, Family Guy to be the perfect late-night binge.

Nightmare prior to Christmas - Cropped
The Corpse Bride no the only Tim Burton animation to it is in leaving Netflix in February; The Nightmare prior to Christmas is additionally on its means out. This fan-favorite is sure to it is in missed both in October and December, becuase it functions as a Halloween movie and a Christmas movie. We"ll miss out on seeing Jack Skellington find Christmas… and try to take it over, with disastrous results.

Leaving: Feb 1st

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12. Burn Notice

Burn notification Michael
Burn Notice isn’t leaving Netflix till the center of the month, for this reason anyone mid-way v a binge of the collection might want to begin devoting a small extra time come finishing that up… and finding out exactly what happens to ‘burned’ spy Michael Westin, together he do the efforts to find other methods to put his unique ops training to an excellent use currently that he have the right to no much longer work for the us government.

A must-watch because that fans of classic cinema, How come Steal A Million stars the incomparable Audrey Hepburn together Nicole, a beautiful young woman who must steal from a museum come cover up her father’s art forgeries. Through Peter O’Toole together her romantic lead, How come Steal A Million is the can be fried in classic heist movies with a romantic twist.

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Leaving: Feb 1st

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