I think we have the right to all agree the a an excellent pair of fishing eye boots are one of those wardrobe essentials that won’t it is in going almost everywhere anytime soon. Varying from sleek and modern to rugged and edgy, this boot style has lengthy been supplied as a go-to shoe format for the cold weather months. However they likewise raise one age-old question: what pants must I pair castle with?

Ankle boots may be endlessly versatile, yet there are a couple of considerations come make when deciding which blue jeans to pair through them. Thankfully, today’s article is right here to conserve the day!

We’ll be going over just how to pick the perfect pair of fish eye boots for her wardrobe, exactly how they pair through each style of jeans, and a few bonus advice on making the most of this standard style. We’ll even share some actual life outfit ideas to give you some concepts on the best means how come wear ankle boots v jeans!

Let’s jump into my guide on just how to wear ankle boots v jeans.

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Which Boots Work finest with which Jeans?Ankle Boot and Jeans Outfit Ideas

How to Wear fish eye Boots with Jeans


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The 3 Main species of fishing eye Boots

Booties come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, yet generally, there space three main species you’ll come across: tall, medium, and low fishing eye boots. Depending on your own personal taste and wardrobe, you’ll desire to make sure you pick the pair of boots the will approve you the many wearability.

Tall booties will typically hit a few inches over your fishing eye boots and also are often slightly wider in calf width. This layout is especially popular lately, giving a current and contemporary vibe to your style.

Medium heights space by far the most typical style you will do it come across. These are probably what you first think of once you hear “ankle boots”. These commonly hit about an customs or so over your fish eye bone and also generally are slightly much more fitted come the calf.


Low ankle boots space a bit much more uncommon. This style will generally hit ideal at or just listed below the fishing eye bone. This format is a great option because that spring and looks an excellent with leggings, rolling jeans, and even skirts.

Which Boots Work best with i m sorry Jeans?

This is a concern that often plagues even the most seasoned fashionista. But thankfully, there’s an easy answer: the all around height.

This means taking the elevation of your boots and the chop of her jeans into account in stimulate to produce the most flattering look. Below is a failure on pairing your ankle boots with some of the most popular species of jeans.

Skinny Jeans


Of course, the most well-known jeans style out over there is likewise one that the finest styles to pair v ankle boots! A slim to the right pair of jeans leaves small room for awkward bunching or unflattering looks. Yet there space still a few details to consider depending ~ above the elevation of her boots.

The very first option is the classic rolled leg. This involves cuffing the hem of your blue jeans to produce a neat and also streamlined look, and is great for adjusting your look come accommodate varying boot heights. It’s likewise incredibly flattering, drawing the eye to the smallest component of the leg.

The vital to this layout is come pay attention to the cuff. You’ll only want to roll your jeans as soon as or twice to avoid making the cuff too broad and bulky on her leg. It’s additionally important come make certain you keep the cuff no much more than 2-3 finger high in width. This is the ideal option when wearing low and also medium-height fish eye boots.


If her skinny jeans are much more cropped a single cuff is the easiest way to gain a chic watch by showing simply a sliver the skin. If castle a bit longer you have the right to do a single wide cuff to acquire the exact same effect. The type of cuff will count a lot of on the form of jeans and the inseam length.

The next option is come tuck your jeans into your boots, but you’ll desire to be careful with this one. To avoid any kind of awkward bunching, ensure that your thin jeans space fitted in ~ the ankle and also that your boot’s calf broad is broad enough come accommodate your jeans. As you may have guessed, taller ankle boots are the best choice for this method.

If you looking to do styling her ankle boots and skinny jeans even easier, consider a pair the raw-hem jeans. This layout is frequently slightly cropped and will autumn perfectly over most pairs of ankle boots. This are really on-trend in ~ the moment and also can be found just about everywhere. Yet you can additionally make your own pair if you’re feeling a bit crafty!

Wide leg Jeans


It’s safe to speak that broad leg jeans or flare jeans are not the very first choice that pants once it involves styling ankle boots. But not only are they simpler to pair together than you can think, however booties often look very classy and also high fashion once paired with large leg jeans.

Medium and also high fish eye boots work well because that this style. This might seem unexpected, however these formats will perfectly complete the streamlined look without reflecting a sliver of skin of your ankle when walking.

Straight leg Jeans

We’re seeing much more and much more straight leg jeans in stores and on the streets, and also thankfully, it’s just as simple to pair fishing eye boots v this layout as slim jeans! In fact, they might be even much easier to style, due to the fact that they don’t have to be tucked or rolled.

When put on this style, the all about finding a pair of jeans through the perfect inseam. Full-length ankle jeans will certainly usually loss seamlessly over the column of her boot, yet you’ll desire to salary closer attention v cropped styles.

While cropped right leg jeans often finish up working perfectly through ankle boots, you want to make certain there isn’t also much room between the height of your boot and the hem of your jeans. This can produce an unflattering impact that look at awkward and cuts off the heat of the leg.

For this reason, make sure to save the gap between the boots and jeans much less than an inch wide. Depending on the size of jeans, low, medium, and high ankle boots deserve to all work-related well v this style.

Start through the Jeans

Of course, in enhancement to her ankle boots, your blue jeans are important in making the most of this outfit combo. Prior to jumping right into buying your perfect pair of fishing eye boots, you’ll want to make certain you have actually the perfect pair the jeans.

Consider exactly how your jeans will fit into your wardrobe. Carry out you often tend to walk for darker or lighter colors? execute you think about your style much more trendy or an ext classic? will you be wearing your jeans casually, or much more dressed up? These are the species of concerns you’ll desire to ask yourself once making her selection.


Additionally, fit and quality are everything! specifically if you discover yourself living in jeans, you won’t remorse taking the time (and money) come ensure you gain the best pair possible.

Confused by inseam? Head come this post come learn everything you have to know around your blue jeans inseam and the impact it has actually on your outfits!

If you discover that your blue jeans bunch around the ankles or are a bit loose around the legs, this can be fixed! just visit a keep going in stimulate to have them perfectly customized to her height and also figure. It may seem like overkill, yet having jeans that perfectly fit her body will make getting dressed and also looking amazing lot easier.

Consider Your very own Closet once Shopping

Trying to find the perfect pair of fish eye boots deserve to be overwhelming, to say the least. V a myriad the varying choices on today’s market, you’ll desire to closely consider a few details before purchasing, especially in regards come height and ankle width.

First, think about what form of jeans and also pants are many abundant in your closet. Do you uncover yourself with an ext pairs of broad leg jeans, flare jeans or directly leg jeans? Or are you more of a thin jeans kind of girl? ankle boots room going come be among the most versatile equipment in your closet, for this reason you’ll desire to maximize their potential wear time as lot as possible.

Just choose with jeans, you’ll additionally want to think around your an individual style and also the color you uncover yourself wearing. Lovers of all points black can’t go wrong with a sleek pair of black color ankle boots. Inversely, naked or tan booties always look an excellent with a lighter color palette.

Lastly, take into consideration the material. Most boots will be either smooth leather, faux leather, or suede. Smooth or faux leather alternatives will often give you a much more expensive and also classic look, but suede is often much more flexible and comfortable to wear. My go to pair that boots (as you’ll watch below) room suede. Ns love them!

Ankle Boot and Jeans Outfit Ideas

Want to check out some different ways to wear ankle booties and also jeans for some inspiration? here’s a an easy style overview with some different outfit principles for attract booties v jeans. Some of these will work much better for different time of year (fall vs winter, etc) but hopefully it gives you some ideas!

1. Every Black


Sweater | Boots

One that the most basic yet standard outfits come wear is all black! yet don’t undertake all black from head to toe. Offer it a popular music of color in girlfriend bootie. Ns love the look of a sleep black color sweater or black peak paired with black jeans accented through tan or published boots.

You can wear brown boots through gold jewelry like I did here. Or you deserve to pair your black on black v a printed boot (think snake skin or leopard boots). The popular music of color in your shoe will have actually you looking prefer quite the fashionista!

As a general rule, cropped pair of blue jeans look good with a high boots (as protest to the shorter ones) so your legs don’t look extra short).

2. Single Cuff v Blazer


Casual Friday? work in a location where jeans room ok? This watch is for you. The single cuff that the jeans provides your legs a long, skinny look. The button down top paired with a casual blazer keeps things experienced while the embellished bootie add to a little of flair!

Swap the button down for a graphic tee and your all set for cocktails ~ work!

3. Cardigan and White Tee


Cardigan|Crewneck t-shirt|V-neck t-shirt|Jeans| Boots

Love neutrals? We’ve obtained you covered. Traction on part dark slim jeans v a double cuff to them making sure you deserve to see a little of skin at your ankle.

Pair it v a white tee and long duster cardigan, gold jewelry and tan booties! You’re all set to it is in the girl everyone involves for fashion advice!

Find format tips for this outfit here!

4. Black color Skinny Jeans and Denim Jacket


Jacket | Boots (similar)

Running errands yet still desire to watch good? right here you walk! These black color skinny blue jeans paired through wedged boots renders my leg line look exceptionally long (news speed – I’m in reality really short!). I cuffed them double to make them the right length and also not bunch increase on optimal of the boots.

Knotting a white switch down offers it a more casual look to it and a denim coat is the perfect completer piece, providing you the fashionista vibe.

5. Wintery Layered Look


Boots (similar)

If she wearing fishing eye booties in the winter, possibilities are you’re walking to want to class up your look a bit! having a hard neutral base – darker wash jeans, a much longer black and white top and also grey jacket is a good way to collection the ton of her look.

Adding a scarf with a bit of a popular music of color gives you the boho feeling to it and a bit of life come an otherwise muted palate.

You’ll an alert that these blue jeans needed just one small cuff to do the perfect length for my booties.

6. Maroon Pants


Need a look that doesn’t incorporate a continual pair of denim? try colored jeans! these maroon pants room the perfect means to welcome loss in a chic way. Store the rest of her outfit in neutral tones keeps this look professional sufficient for the office however fun enough for a quick dinner out v friends.

These pants are extra long so doing one long cuff complied with by an additional cuff that doesn’t rather reach the peak of the an initial cuff offers it a distinctive look there is no bunching or feather unkempt.

7. Jeans and Combat Boots


Jacket | Boots

Heading the end to tromp in the snow however don’t want to undertake winter boots? pull on a pair of combat boots! these boots will store you stable and (mostly!) warm when the end in the wintery mix.

A pop of red in her jacket will keep you feather chic all winter long!

8. Colored Ankle Boots and Jeans


Nothing says fashionista prefer a great pair of fancy boots! begin with simple, neutral color – a pair of skinny jeans in a dark wash and also a white top and also throw on a pair of studded colored boots!

Your boots will speak for themselves so store your jewelry to a minimum and don’t shot to overpower them. You will do it be the talk of the city (in a good way!) in this outfit!

9. Red Cardigan and Gold Accents


Can friend mix brown and also red? heck yes! i love the look of brown and red with each other (this is simply my an individual preference – you can completely disagree!) and love the look of this outfit.

A node white tee provides you a hard base because that some simple gold necklaces which traction in the yellow bangles. The brown reduced out the the boots provide them a fun look and the red cardigan is a beautiful completer piece!

*Find 4 easy means to tuck in a shirt here!

10. Black color Jeans and Chambray Top


Chambray | pants | Boots

One of the most classic outfits ever will be dark denim (I love a black color pair!) and a chambray top. It always looks chic whether you knot your height or tuck that in!

Pair it v a some tan booties, add some bracelets and also a chunky necklace and also you’re an excellent to go!

12. Stripe top with Chambray


Chambray | pants | Boots

A basic twist top top your standard chambray top and dark denim is to include a strip tshirt or graphic tee underneath! keep your chambray shirts unbuttoned so your t-shirt peeks out for a new and new look.

13. Pops of Red



If friend love denim ~ above denim, this is a simple way to save it spring stylish. Add a longer red height underneath to rest up the denim top top denim (aka the Canadian tuxedo look).

A large cuff of the jeans helps attract your eye down towards your cute booties and also a red beanie on peak keeps you looking young and also fresh!

14. A small Leopard Belt


Similar Balenciaga Bag

If you loved the popular music of color on the booties in the outfit above, here’s one more fun look! save the bulk of your outfit neutral, prefer before, with dark blue jeans, a dark t-shirt and long grey cardigan. But include a popular music of fun through a leopard belt tied roughly your waist!

The belt helps offer your belt some meaning and the leopard to add a fun publish to her look!

15. Mix Patterns


Wedge Boots

Need to branch the end from neutral looks? shot mixing some patterns! once you mix patterns choose this, one straightforward tip is to spread out them out! Stripes on optimal paired with camouflage boots ~ above the bottom offers them enough breathing room in between so they nothing overpower one another.

Wearing fish eye Boots in the Spring: carry out or Don’t?

While booties are obviously a no-brainer because that cold weather style, we can sometimes uncover ourselves wondering when it’s time to placed them away. Thankfully, fishing eye boots can absolutely work-related for the feather season! It’s all in exactly how you format them.

First, you may want to go for a pair the boots in a lighter color. Black booties have the right to work, however is periodically overwhelming once paired v those softer feather colors. Brown, tan, nude, and also even blush room all good color choices for warmer weather.


Find outfit details here!

Jeans are still a great option because that spring, however all heights of ankle boots can additionally work well through shorts, skirts, and dresses. Pairing your boots with a variety of bottom is a sure-fire method to get the maximum amount of wear time and versatility out of them.

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And there you have it! fishing eye boots room a timeless staple that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so don’t be fear to invest in a great-high-quality pair. You’re sure to get your usage out that this standard style because that plenty of falls, winters, and also even springs come come.