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The kickoff time because that the Bedlam football game on December 3 has actually been set for 11:30 am and the game will it is in televised by Fox.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will certainly play for the huge 12 championship and a berth in the street Bowl.

With both groups ranked in the top 10, as lengthy as they don’t loss out after a bye week, it will be just the third time ever Bedlam has actually featured both teams ranked in the associated Press top 10.

The various other two times were last year and in 1984, which suitable #2 OU vs. #3 OSU.



Taco Bell announces free-taco sell for World series fans, possible HOF display

U.S. & people / 3 hrs ago



FDA advisory panel endorses booster doses of Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot COVID-19 vaccine

Coronavirus / 3 hours ago

Trash repertoire postponed because that Oklahoma City areas affected by overnight storm

by Hicham Raache/ / Oct 15, 2021
OKLAHOMA CITY ( – Trash arsenal was delayed Friday in areas of Oklahoma City the were hit hard by major storms Thursday night and also early Friday morning.

Waste pick-up for those locations is postponed till Wednesday, Oct. 20.

DEWEY COUNTY, Okla. ( – A juvenile from Oakwood, Okla., died in a car crash in Dewey county on Friday.

The crash emerged at 3:22 a.m. Friday top top E0740, less than a mile west of N2410 and also less than a mile external of Oakwood, according to Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Taco Bell announces free-taco offer for World collection fans, feasible HOF display

by Nexstar Media cable / Oct 15, 2021
(NEXSTAR) – Taco Bell will most likely be inducted right into the Baseball hall of reputation — type of.

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The fast-food chain announced Friday that its yearly “steal a base, stealing a taco” promo will be returning for a 10th non-consecutive year, offering fans the opportunity to earn a totally free taco if any MLB player manages to steal a base during this year’s human being Series.

Taco Bell announces free-taco sell for World collection fans, feasible HOF display

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La Niña ‘to emerge shortly,’ NOAA says. This is what it way for winter

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Oklahoma State Superintendent of institutions announces run for governor, switches to democratic party

Your local Election HQ / 1 main ago

State Election plank Chairman turn off down insurance claims of Oklahoma choice fraud from mine Pillow CEO

Your regional Election HQ / 1 main ago

As legislator Prepare because that Redistricting distinct Session, What You must Know

Oklahoma national politics / 2 mainly ago

Edmond residents approve temporary sales taxes to acquisition land close to Hafer Park

Your regional Election HQ / 3 work ago

Your neighborhood Election HQ: Oklahoma election results for number of propositions

Your regional Election HQ / 2 months ago

Some Oklahomans struggle the polls now to decide special elections

Your regional Election HQ / 4 months ago

Vote Results: Oklahoma citizens head to the polls for school propositions, ordinance changes

Your regional Election HQ / 5 months ago

Prosecutors say former Oklahoma councilor enticed teenager with sex v wife, groomed victim for an ext than a year

Taco Bell announces free-taco offer for World series fans, feasible HOF display

U.S. & civilization / 3 hrs ago

Changes coming to Oklahoma’s guardianship legislations in November; here’s how it could affect you

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Beloved fall event, Pumpkinville, returns to downtown Oklahoma City with 30,000 pumpkins

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Evictions have actually resumed, however an Oklahoma agency still has actually millions that dollars left to assist renters; Here’s exactly how much money is quiet available

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First Afghan refugees arrive in Oklahoma: here’s what we know from a volunteer who greeted them at the airport

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Give ’em pumpkin to talk about: Halloween celebrations supposed to it is in bigger than ever; Oklahoma communities currently preparing

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MUSIC hall FOR ALL: exactly how an Oklahoma City venue’s brand-new certification is accommodating those with sensory sensitivities

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Oklahoma will obtain the third highest variety of Afghan refugees comes to the joined States; this is what resources will be obtainable to them

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Oklahoma woman’s health journey leads to a sweet result: beginning her own coco company

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As moratorium end day looms, state agencies prompt struggling renters to look for out financial aid

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What taken place to all the Texas Horned Lizards? Tinker AFB and also the Oklahoma City Zoo are working to uncover out

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