Dominick Cruz earned self his very first knockout victory against Takeya Mizugaki in ring 1 at 178. Don"t miss Cruz vs. Faber ~ above June 4 in ~ 199 on Pay-Per-View.

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Dustin Poirier knocked the end Bobby environment-friendly at 199 because that his 4th consecutive win. Don"t miss out on Poirier take on Michael Johnson in the main occasion at fight Night Hidalgo ~ above Sept. 17.


Re-live the activity and walk behind the scene from 199: Rockhold vs Bisping 2 in ~ the historic Forum in Los Angeles, California. Clock the whole video clip exclusively on fight PASS.


Check the end the slow activity footage the the few of the best highlights from 199: Rockhold vs Bisping 2. Clock the event replay on struggle PASS.


Hear all the best quotes from the 199 write-up Fight press Conference, consisting of soundbites indigenous Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold, Dominick Cruz, Urijah Faber and more.


Brand new middleweight champion Michael Bisping spoke backstage v correspondent Megan Olivi about his historical win against Luke Rockhold after 199 key event. bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz spoke backstage with correspondent Megan Olivi ~ his unanimous decision win versus Urijah Faber in the co-main occasion title fight at 199. middleweight Michael Bisping talks within the Octagon ~ winning the middleweight title versus Luke Rockhold in ~ 199. Hear both fighters talk around the an outcome with commentator Joe Rogan. bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz spoke within the Octagon after his unanimous decision win against Urijah Faber in the co-main event of 199. legend Dan Henderson speak backstage around his highlight reel KO performance against Hector Lombard in ~ 199 top top Pay-Per-View in the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, California.

Hear native Dustin Poirier backstage after his first-round KO win against Bobby environment-friendly to open up up the main card in ~ 199 in Inglewood, California at the Fabulous Forum.

Brian Ortega was in peril of shedding his first pro fight against Clay Guida in the FS1 prelims main event, however "T-City" pulled turn off a spectacular knee to the head KO to complete "The Carpenter." Hear native Ortega backstage ~ the win.

Beneil Dariush spoke backstage after ~ his jaw-dropping KO finish against James Vick on the FS1 prelims the 199 in Inglewood, California in ~ the Fabulous Forum.

After a dominant victory in her strawweight debut, Jessica Andrade spoke backstage around her victory over No. 6-ranked strawweight at 199.

A life time Warrior fan and also Bay Area get an impressive athlete, Luke Rockhold, shares his perspective of what that takes come train and also contend to be a champion. Luke shares some insight on the similarities in between how he and the Warriors execute as athletes.

Recap the action from Friday"s main 199 weigh-in, featuring the stars native the main and also co-main event, Luke Rockhold, Michael Bisping, Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber.

Watch the weigh-in staredowns between Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping, plus Dominick Cruz and also Urijah Faber. Don"t miss 199 live ~ above Pay-Per-View Saturday, June 4 at 10pm/7pm ETPT.

Joe Rogan previews 199"s main event between Luke Rockhold and also Michael Bisping. Rockhold defends his middleweight belt because that the very first time in a rematch versus rival Bisping. Minute hold Lisa Foiles previews the 199 co-main event, which features one that the best rivalries in the entire in Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber.

Watch the official weigh-in for 199: Rockhold vs Bisping, live native The Forum in Los Angeles, California ~ above Friday, June 3 in ~ 7pm/4pm ETPT.

Watch the 199 Q&A v Demetrious Johnson live native The Forum in Los Angeles, California top top Friday, June 3 at 5pm/2pm ETPT.

Check the end the ideal verbal jabs from all four featured fighters at 199 - Luke Rockhold, Michael Bisping, Dominick Cruz, and Urijah Faber - as they went in ~ it in ~ the 199 pre-fight press conference ~ above Thursday.

Hear the best soundbites from 199 Media job including quotes from Max Holloway, Ricardo Lamas, Bobby Green, Dustin Poirier and also Dan Henderson. Don"t miss out on 199 live ~ above Pay-Per-View Saturday, June 4.

Watch the staredowns between Luke Rockhold-Michael Bisping and Dominick Cruz-Urijah Faber at Thursday"s 199 pre-fight press conference indigenous the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, California. Stimulate 199 Saturday, June 4 top top Pay-Per-View.

Watch every the challenge offs from Thursday"s 199 Media Day confront offs including staredowns between Max Holloway-Ricardo Lamas, Dan Henderson-Hector Lombard, Dustin Poirier-Bobby Green, Brian Ortega-Clay Guida, and more.

Dan Henderson and also Hector Lombard preview your middleweight scrap top top the key card that 199. Don"t miss all the activity live top top Pay-Per-View Saturday, June 4 at 10pm/7pm ETPT.

Watch the highlights from the 199 open up Workouts native the Gym in Torrance, California, including stars Luke Rockhold, Dominick Cruz, Urijah Faber and Michael Bisping. featherweight Max Holloway has strung with each other eight directly wins in the, spanning nearly three years of perfection. Yet the Hawaiian rising star isn"t satisfied and also 199 foe Ricardo Lamas has his full attention.

John Gooden and also Dan hardy go comprehensive on the bantamweight title clash in between old rivals Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber in a brand new Inside The Octagon.

Michael Bisping has waited 10 years because that a title shot and also he lastly gets his wish versus Luke Rockhold in ~ 199 this Saturday. John Gooden and Dan hardy speak come "The Count" prior to he makes history as just the second Brit come fight because that gold. middleweight champion Luke Rockhold reveals his many dangerous and also effective moves and how the delivers and also lands in a fight. Rockhold defends his title versus Michael Bisping in the main event of 199 live top top Pay-Per-View June 4. legends Dan Henderson and Shogun Rua threw under in one of the best fights of every time in ~ 139. Re-live the magic of that night front of "Hendo"s" return to the Octagon in ~ 199 vs Hector Lombard. lightweight Dustin Poirier talks about how he views the struggle game, relocating up to 155 pounds, and the balance that keeps once fighting. Poirier bring away on Bobby green on the main card in ~ 199 live top top Pay-Per-View.

Saturday"s 199 is a stacked card. While there"s plenty of fist at the optimal of the card, there"s several intrigue throughout. We take a look in ~ a couple of fights flying under-the-radar consisting of Penne-Andrade, Ortega-Guida, Poirier-Green and also more.

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It’s one all-California edition. Champion Dominick Cruz trains through Cat Zingano while rival Urijah Faber hits the water v Clay Guida and also Chad Mendes. Michael Bisping spends time with family while champion Luke Rockhold pranks a friend.