What is windows 8.1?

Windows 8.1 is an operating system design by Microsoft. Home windows 8 presented a lot of brand-new changes, and also many civilization found it challenging to use. Windows 8.1 is very similar to home windows 8, however it addresses several of the problems human being had with Windows 8.

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There have actually been plenty of different execution of windows over the years, consisting of Windows 7 (released in 2009), Windows Vista (2006), and Windows XP (2001). While previous version of Windows greatly ran on desktop computer and laptop computers, windows 8 is additionally designed to operation on tablets. Due to the fact that of this, the interface has actually been streamlined so it will work-related with touchscreens.

An operating system manages all of the hardware and software on a computer. There is no it, the computer system would it is in useless. To learn much more about just how operating solution work, check out knowledge Operating Systems and Getting to understand the OS in our computer system Basics tutorial.

How is home windows 8 various from earlier versions?

There space many new features and also changes in home windows 8, both little and large. These alters include a redesigned interface, online features, and improved security.

Interface changes

The first thing you'll notice about home windows 8 is that it looks completely different native previous execution of Windows. The all-new interface consists of features like the Start screen, live tiles, and also hot corners.

Start screen: The main screen you'll usage is dubbed the Start screen, and it displays every one of your apps together tiles. You can personalize her Start screen by an altering the color scheme, selecting a elevator image, and rearranging her tiles.

Apps on the begin screen
Live tiles: Some apps usage live tiles, i beg your pardon let girlfriend see information without even clicking on the app. For example, the Weather app displays the existing weather ~ above its tile, and you can click it to see more details.

Live tiles
Hot corners: You'll navigate through Windows 8 by using hot corners. To usage a warm corner, just hover the computer mouse in the corner of the screen, and also it will open a toolbar or tile the you have the right to click. Because that example, to switch to another open app, you deserve to hover the mouse in the top-left corner and also then click. If you're utilizing a tablet, you'll swipe native the left or right rather of using warm corners.

Hot corners
Charms bar: plenty of of your computer's setups are now discovered in a toolbar dubbed the Charms bar. Girlfriend can access it by hovering in the top-right or bottom-right edge of the screen. If you're making use of a tablet, you have the right to swipe from the appropriate to open up the charms bar.

The charms bar
Online functions in windows 8

Many human being are beginning to conserve their files and other information online (also well-known as the cloud). One means to carry out this is with Microsoft's OneDrive service (previously call SkyDrive). Windows 8 is designed to attach seamlessly to OneDrive, as well as to other online services like Facebook and Twitter.

Sign in v Microsoft account: Instead of producing an account on her computer, you can sign in through your totally free Microsoft account. This will certainly bring every one of your OneDrive files, contacts, and an ext into your begin screen. You can even sign in come a various computer that has actually Windows 8, and every one of your important documents will it is in there.

Signing in with a Microsoft account
Social networking features: girlfriend can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and also Flickr account to home windows 8, enabling you to view your friends' updates directly from her Start display or from the built-in People app.

To learn an ext about Microsoft's virtual services, inspect out ours Microsoft Account and also OneDrive and also Office virtual tutorials.

Other windows 8 featuresSimplified desktop for increased speed: Microsoft hasn't eliminated the Desktop, and also you deserve to still use it to control your files or open plenty of of your existing programs. However, it has removed few of the transparency impacts that frequently caused home windows 7 and also Vista to run slowly. The new desktop computer should run an ext smoothly on many computers.

Start menu has been replaced: The Start menu was critical feature in previously versions that Windows, however it has been changed with the Start screen. You'll use the Start display screen to open programs or find your computer. Some civilization may find it disorienting to use Windows without the begin menu.Improved security: Windows 8 has a built-in antivirus program called Windows Defender, i m sorry can also protect friend from other varieties of malware such together spyware. The built-in Windows Store likewise helps to store you and also your computer safe by showing you what details each application will have access to. Because that example, part apps have access to your location, for this reason if you're uncomfortable sharing your ar you deserve to decide not to download those apps.

Updating home windows 8 to home windows 8.1

When home windows 8 to be released in 2012, countless users complained that it was an overwhelming and confusing to use, especially contrasted to older versions that Windows. Windows 8.1 is an upgrade for windows 8 that contains a number of improvements and features to deal with some of these issues. Below are few of the most helpful and also notable features:

Start Button: windows 8 eliminated the Start button from the Desktop. Many users complained around the absent Start button, so home windows 8.1 add to it ago to the Desktop. Click the Start button on the desktop computer will beginning the start screen, i beg your pardon you'll usage to open programs and also search because that files.Boot to Desktop: rather than launching the Start display when you rotate on your device, windows 8.1 now provides you the option to boot straight to the Desktop, much like older versions that Windows. This is especially useful if you're no interested in making use of the start screen really often.Snap Start display Apps: home windows 8 introduced full-screen apps for the start screen, however it walk not permit you come view more than 2 apps in ~ once. Windows 8.1 allows you to watch several various Start display apps and snap castle to various parts of the screen. Traditional desktop apps still work the means they walk in previously versions the Windows: They'll appear in individual home windows that you have the right to move and also resize.

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If you currently have home windows 8, you must now able to upgrade to Windows 8.1. Your computer system may it is in updated to windows 8.1 automatically, yet you can additionally update it manually. To carry out this, open the Windows save app indigenous the begin screen, climate select upgrade Windows.