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Which three species of nodes need to be assigned revolution IP addresses top top a network? (Choose three.)

serversdesktop PCsmobile laptopsprintersgatewaystablets
Answers Explanation & Hints:

Static IPv4 attend to assignment calls for personnel come configure every network host with addresses manually. Large networks can readjust frequently and have many an ext hosts come configure 보다 do little networks. DHCP gives a much much more efficient method of configuring and also managing IPv4 addresses on large networks than does static attend to assignment.

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Refer to the exhibit. PC1 is configured to attain a dynamic IP resolve from the DHCP server. PC1 has been shut under for 2 weeks. When PC1 boots and tries to inquiry an available IP address, which location IP attend to will PC1 location in the IP header?

Modules 9 – 12 Data Communications and Network Services group Exam answer 001

Open the PT Activity. Do the tasks in the task instructions and then answer the question.

What post is presented on the webpage?A secure net server is the means to go!A internet server must run for sure services!A internet server offers secure communication!A secure web server is running!
Answers Explanation & Hints:

Because the HQ web server operation a secure internet service, the protocol HTTPS should be offered to accessibility the website. This means that the URL of must be provided to accessibility the HQ web server and also locate the message.

Which 2 applications carry out virtual terminal accessibility to remote servers? (Choose two.)

Answers Explanation & Hints:

Telnet and also SSH are two services that provide virtual terminal services to servers. DNS maps a domain surname to that IP address. DHCP provides dynamic IP addressing information. SMTP provides email service.

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What kind of server would usage IMAP?

Answers Explanation & Hints:

SMTP, IMAP, and also POP room three applications layer protocols for email applications.