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"What more Can ns Say" is a song from laboratory artist Jay-Z"s studio album The black Album. It was released as a street single simultaneously together the official single "Change Clothes". That premiered on hot 97 on October 22, 2003 and was the very first track from The black color Album to be heard by the public. The track includes extr vocals indigenous Vincent "Hum V" Bostic and also was developed by The Buchanans. The intro has a sampled monologue through Russell Crowe indigenous the movie Gladiator, the song also samples "Something for Nothing" by MFSB from their self-titled album exit in 1973. This sample motivated Jay-Z come quote a The notorious B. I. G. Lyric as he to be featured on the song. The quote appears immediately after the track addresses accusations the Jay-Z stealing urbanbreathnyc.com native The infamous B. I. G. Busta Rhymes is mentioned in the tune with Jay-Z stating that his isn"t "animated, prefer say a, Busta Rhymes". The song was sampled through T. I. In his track "Bring Em Out". On The Grey Album, "What an ext Can ns Say" is mashed up through The Beatles" "While My etc Gently Weeps".more »

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Are you no entertained?Are you not entertained?Is this no why you"re here?Uh, uh, huhTurn the music upTurn me downGuru, let"s go get "em againThis time it"s because that the money mine niggaBrooklyn stand upThere"s never been a nigga this an excellent for this longThis hoodOr this popular music is hotOr this strongWith so countless different flowsThis one"s because that this songThe next one I"ll move upThis one will acquire bit upThese fucksTo lazy to comprise shitThey crazyThey don"t paint picturesThey simply trace meYou know whatSoon lock forget that they pluckedThey totality style fromAnd try to turning back the outcomeI"m like, cluckI"m not a biterI"m a writerFor myself and othersI say a B.I.G. City I"m only biggin" up my brotherBiggin" up my boroughI"m large enough to do itI"m that thoroughPlus I understand my own flow is foolishSo the rings and also things you sing aboutBring "em outIt"s difficult to yell once the barrel"s in your mouthI"m in, new sneakersDeuce seatersA few divasWhat more can ns tell you?Let me assignment it because that youW-i-double L-I-ENobody truer than H-O-VAnd I"m ago for moreNew York"s ambassadorPrime Minister ago to complete my organization upWhat much more can ns say?What an ext can ns do?I provide this every to youI know this much is trueMy life(Look in ~ my life)(See what ns see)What much more can i say to youYou heard it allYou already know what I"m aboutFlying birds down southMoving wet off the stepPurple Rain in the droughtStunting ~ above hoesBrushing turn off my shirtBut ain"t nothing on my clothesExcept mine chainMy nameYoung H-OPitch the yea faithfulEven if they patrol i make payrollBenz payment forFriends castle rollPrivate jets under to Turks and CaicosChrys" case loadsI don"t give a shitNigga one life to live ns can"t permit a day goByeWithout me being flyFresh to deathHead to toe until the day i restAnd i don"t undertake jerseys I"m thirty plusGive me a crisp pair of jeans nigga switch upsS dots on mine feetMakes mine cycle completeWhat more can i say Guru beat the beatWe gonna let this ride into the hookI"ma snap my fingers on this oneWhat an ext can ns say to you?Get my grown male onLet"s go!(What more can ns say?)Now you understand ass is WillieWhen they obtained you in a magFor like half a billiAnd your ass ain"t LilyWhiteThat median that shit friend write must be illyEither that or your flow is sillyIt"s bothI don"t typical to boastBut damn if ns don"t bragThem crackers gonna act favor I ain"t on castle adsThe Martha StewartThat"s much from JewishFar native a Harvard studentJust had actually the balls to execute itAnd no I"m not through with itIn fact I"m simply previewing itThis ain"t the present I"m just EQ"in itOne, two and also I won"t stop abusing itTo groupie girls avoid false accusing itBack to the musicThe Maybach roof is translucentNiggas obtained a difficulty HoustonWhat up B?They can"t shut up meShut under INot also P.E.I"ma rideGod pardon me for my brash deliveryBut ns remember vividlyWhat these roadways did to meSo picture meLetting these clowns nit pick at mePaint me choose a pickanninyI will literallyKiss Tee-Tee in the foreheadTell her you re welcome forgive meThen squeeze until your foreheadI"m not the one come score points offIn factI got a share to knock her points offYoungHova the God nigga blast because that meI"m in ~ the trump card InternationalAsk for meI ain"t never ever scaredI"m everywhereYou ain"t never thereNigga why would I ever care?Pound for lb I"m the ideal to ever come around hereExcluding nobodyLook what ns embodyThe spirit of a hustler i really ran the streetI CEO"s mineThat marketing arrangement was meAnd no i ain"t gain shot up a totality bunch the timesOr consist of shit in a entirety bunch of linesAnd i ain"t animated, like say a, Busta RhymesBut the actual shit you get when girlfriend bust down my linesAdd that to the truth I walk plat" a bunch of timesTimes the by my influenceOn pop cultureI supposed to it is in number one ~ above everybody"s listWe"ll view what happens as soon as I no much longer existF*ck this(What much more can ns say?)

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Jay-Z Shawn Corey Carter (born December 4, 1969), far better known by his phase name Jay-Z, is one American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and also occasional actor. He is among the most financially successful hip hop artists and also entrepreneurs in America. In 2012, Forbes estimated Carter"s network worth at virtually $500 million. He has actually sold approximately 50 million albums worldwide, when receiving fourteen Grammy Awards for his musical work, and numerous additional nominations. The is consistently ranked as among the best rappers of all-time.

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He was ranked #1 by MTV in their perform of The best MCs of All-Time in 2006. Two of his albums, Reasonable Doubt (1996) and The Blueprint (2001) are taken into consideration landmarks in the genre with both the them being ranked in rolling S… an ext »