Known and also feared transparent the Galaxy as the following Darth Vader, Kylo Ren was feared transparent the Galaxy as the next Dark mr of the Sith. This fear did no stem from just rumors.

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Kylo Ren, even prior to he dropped to the Dark side of the Force, was one of the most an effective Force individuals to ever before exist. The raw talent in his bloodline, merged with his training, meant that his reputation preceded him wherever he went.

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Why room Lightsaber develops important?

But his strength and connection come the Dark side of the pressure was no the just reason Ren was feared throughout the Galaxy. Also inside the stimulate of the Knights of Ren, Kylo was respected together a swordsman and also for his ability with the lightsaber.

But as we know, ability with a lightsaber is no something the you can inherit. Lightsaber combat is one old and old art, with pre-established forms and techniques that permit you to prioritize specific aspects the combat to her advantage.

This indicates that every lightsaber user had to find out at least one of the seven lightsaber develops throughout their training. But this was not the case with Jedi ~ the loss of the Galactic Republic and also the Jedi Order.

Most Jedi (and we room talking about Luke Skywalker here) would discover an amalgamation of countless different forms and develop their own. This teachings would lug on down right into the future Jedi till Luke would find the Old Jedi texts on Ahch-To.

But prior to we have the right to analyze what combat type Kylo Ren was using, we need to look right into his time together a Padawan and also his teachers to check out what develops he can have potentially learned.

What kind did Kylo Ren find out as a Padawan?

As a Padawan, prior to he dropped to the Dark next of the Force, Kylo Ren was well-known as Ben Solo and was a Padawan in Luke Skywalker’s new Jedi Academy. That was here that that learned the early teachings the the Force and also the basics the Lightsaber combat.

It was also here the Ben Solo would certainly construct his an initial lightsaber and eventually usage it to destroy the Jedi Academy after ~ Luke Skywalker’s betrayal. But, sticking to the point, Ben’s early training with Lightsabers was under Luke’s tutelage.

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This intended that Luke’s usage of the Lightsaber would greatly inspire his combat form. And as we know from the original Trilogy, Luke was yet a learner when he battled Vader and defeated him.

Luke’s rough and also improvised form was heavily inspired by form V, Djem-So, and also incorporated elements from both Soresu and also Vapaad. This to be because, favor his father prior to him, Luke used the pressure to strengthen himself throughout a battle.

On the other hand, Ben Solo took after his grand Darth Vader and let his combat style end up being heavily reliant on heavy blows that would certainly stagger an opponent. This provided his height and build to his advantage.

These motions only became an ext prominent in his time as Kylo Ren and also the time that he wielded his top crossguard Lightsaber.

So, if Ben Solo was taught sport of Djem-So and Juyo – the generalised version the Vapaad, Kylo Ren went beyond these teachings under the tutelage of supreme Leader Snoke. His major movements came to be reflective of Djem-So entirely.

What kind did Kylo Ren hit with?

In his time as Kylo Ren, and later ~ his return to the Light side of the Force, Kylo Ren never ever seemed to use one primary type in any kind of of his lightsaber duels.

During Star wars Episode VII: The force Awakens, we can see him utilizing his raw stamin to shot and overpower Rey. This strategy, in addition to the repeatedly heavy assaults that he was utilizing were reflective of type V.

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This details variation the Djem-So was used by Darth Vader throughout his duels through Luke top top both Cloud City and inside the death Star. It concentrated on hefty attacks and driving the opponent ago while preserving the benefit you have actually over them.

This philosophy is reflected heavily in Kylo’s use of the lightsaber versus both Finn and also Rey in the snow-covered forest on Ilum during their duel.

But just since his activities were greatly influenced by Djem-So walk not typical that it was the only form he knew how to utilize. His mastery the the lightsaber would present in both episode VIII: The last Jedi and in illustration IX: The increase Of Skywalker.

In illustration VIII: The last Jedi, Ren was checked out to display movements the were mimicked virtually entirely from kind IV, Niman. This type was heavily reliant ~ above the combatant’s capability with the Force and the ability to pull and also push enemies into position.

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This to be showcased in the fight in between Rey, Ren, and also the royal Guards after the duo defeated Snoke. Ren, or probably he was Ben Solo in those moments, was viewed to it is in positioning every little thing guard he was fighting into areas that would be simpler to attack or safeguard from.

But his absence of mastery and experience through Niman to be shown due to the fact that he was virtually killed twice throughout that fight and also would have died had Rey no been roughly to distract the security and enable him come escape.

The second kind that Ren, or much more accurately Ben Solo, showcased other than Djem-So to be a sports of the lengthy sweeping movements used in Juyo. This was seen in the fight between Ben Solo and the Knights that Ren in illustration IX.

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Ben was additionally an experienced in warding off multiple enemies at once, which to be again an facet taken straight from Anakin Skywalker’s sport of Djem-So.

Another element from form V’s Shien that Ren showcased to be the capacity to direction blaster fire with extreme skill and also agility. This too was taken from Anakin/Vader’s variation of form V.

So, our last say on the issue must be that Ren was a hefty user of type V, and much more specifically of kind V’s offensive half, Djem-So.

But we have seen that Ren was capable of utilizing strokes and movements from other develops too, which intended that he had actually an detailed knowledge of all of them and also could adjust his style depending on the situation.


So, after our in-depth analysis of the means Kylo Ren uses his lightsaber in combat, we can ultimately tell girlfriend what form he uses.

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We have the right to see the Ren supplies a hybrid of type V, which utilized both Djem-So and also Shien, type VII, Juyo, and form VI, Niman. This permitted for that to it is in unpredictable in combat, which suited both his personality and his fighting style.