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description (Brief) One (1) 100,000 dollar keep in mind united States, 1934 Obverse Image: preurbanbreathnyc.comdent Wilson. Obverse Text: 100,000 / THIS IS come CERTIFY the THERE IS on DEPOurbanbreathnyc.comT IN THE TREASURY of THE UNITED says OF AMERICA ONE hundreds THOUSAND DOLLARS IN yellow PAYABLE to BEARER ON demand AS AUTHORIZED BY regulation / yellow CERTIFICATE / THIS CERTIFICATE IS LEGAL soft IN THE quantity THEREOF IN PAYMENT OF all DEBTS and DUES PUBLIC and PRIVATE / WASHINGTON, D.C. / series OF 1934 / A00020109A / WILSON turning back Image: Geometric pattern. turning back Text: 100,000 / THE UNITED claims OF AMERICA / ONE hundred THOUSAND DOLLARS description throughout the early 1930s, the unified States and the rest of the industrialized human being experienced an economic depresurbanbreathnyc.comon. In 1934, the united States continued its motion toward removed its currency from the gold standard. The even became illegal come possess yellow coins or gold-based currency until conference relented rather for collectors. The gold Certificate series of 1934 poses a slim puzzle due to the fact that the United states was off the gold standard by 1934. The $100,000 note shown here was not intended for baurbanbreathnyc.comc circulation however was used as an accounting an equipment between branches the the commonwealth Reserve. This $100,000 keep in mind was the greatest denomination ever before issued by the unified States. location at this time not on see Object name yellow certificate day made 1934 shown Wilson, Woodrow issuing government office of Engraving and also Printing location made United says connected Place United states Phyurbanbreathnyc.comcal summary file (overall material) measurements overall: 15.7 centimeter x 6.6 centimeter x.01 cm; 6 3/16 in x 2 19/32 in x in i would Number NU.78.5.807 accesurbanbreathnyc.comon number 1978.0941 directory number 78.5.807 serial number A00020109A credit transaction Line U. S. Department of the Treasury See more items in Work and Industry: nationwide Numismatic arsenal yellow Certificates Coins, Currency and also Medals Data resource national Museum of American history
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