(Epoch time reporter Liu Yi comprehensive report) The price of egg in mainland China has actually risen by nearly 20% month-on-month in the previous month. Although income has risen, egg farmers are not happy.

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Since July, egg prices throughout the mainland have risen to differing degrees. According to the security data that the set of farming and Rural affairs of the Communist Party the China, together of 2 afternoon on respectable 13, the median price of eggs on the national agricultural product wholesale industry was 10.74 yuan every kilogram (RMB, the very same below), and also the price on July 13 to be 9.03 yuan per kilogram. The one-month increase reached 18.93%.

According to the news of the “Daily organization News” on respectable 16, Mr. Zhang, one egg vendor at Nongguangli sector in Chaoyang District, Beijing, stated that since August 11, he has adjusted the price of new eggs since of wholesalers and farmers. If you rise the price, you deserve to only follow it up.

Shanghai egg wholesaler Li Zengping claimed that the all price the his egg here has actually risen by one yuan a month. “Then the will boost in mid-August, and also it will rise to around 6 yuan per catty (500 grams).”

The all price that Zhang Yunqin, one egg wholesaler in Lanxi, Zhejiang, has additionally risen. She said: “The wholesale price is 5 yuan (per catty), and also the everyone price is five yuan every box, and also you earn one dime or 2 cents every catty.”

Zhu Ning, an combine researcher in ~ the institute of farming Economics and development of the Chinese Academy of agricultural Sciences, believes the the main reason because that the price rise of eggs in this round is the innovation of the supply and also demand structure: on the supply side, high temperature weather has actually caused the power of laying hen to decline, and the egg sector is tight; In terms of demand, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the nationwide Holidays approached, and also the acquisition of egg from food processing plants increased. The innovation in the framework of supply and also demand has promoted this round of increasing egg prices.

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However, too much weather has a specific degree of impact on egg production and also egg prices in some areas. According to statistics from the to adjust of agriculture and countryside Affairs, impacted by floods, typhoons and also other disasters, as of July 29, the country has eliminated 6.446 million poultry.

The Securities everyday quoted industry insiders’ analysis on the 16th: “This round of price rises is actually no unexpected.” since the price of eggs will rise in July and also August every year, it’s simply the difference in magnitude. In general, the price boost this time is not also great.

Because egg are one of the most typical ingredients ~ above people’s day-to-day dinner tables, the increase in your prices makes civilization feel really strongly. Countless consumers also said with emotion: The price has risen virtually every day.

In a supermarket in Jinan High-tech Zone, many human being lined approximately buy eggs at an early stage in the morning. One of the citizens, Ms. Wang, said, “The price the eggs has risen reasonably fast recently. The was much more than 4 yuan a few days ago. Now it is 5.59 yuan. I eat eggs every day in ~ home, for this reason I came here early today and also wanted come buy more.”

It is reported the the price of egg in the Beijing vegetables market has actually risen come 6.5 yuan/500 grams.

Some netizens post on Weibo saying: I visited buy egg today, and the store stated the price has increased. I bought 10 eggs because that 10 yuan.​

Some netizens also complained the life is not easy: “Recently the price of green vegetables has actually risen, the price the eggs has actually risen, the price the milk has actually risen, the price that chicken has risen, the price the pork has risen, the price that beef has actually risen, the price that fish has actually risen, and also the price that gasoline and diesel has actually risen. Car prices have actually risen, taxes have risen, however wages have not risen. What deserve to be done?”

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The increase in the price of eggs should benefit the farmers, but the truth is that the farmers are not happy.

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Wang Hong, the person in charge of a laying hen breeding agency in Zibo, said: “The price the eggs has risen recently, and we walk make some money, but who knows that we have actually just proficient losses for much more than ten months. Many breeding companies are moving forward in debt. Now, the expense of reproduction is much greater than in previous years. Feed, environmental protection, and labor prices have boosted greatly. Coupled with bank interest, the unit cost of the firm is as high together 4.5 yuan, and it has been shedding money before.”

Wang Hong said: “We don’t choose the big ups and also downs of the egg price’s’roller coaster’. We just want to make some money safely. However feed price farmers don’t count, and also they don’t deserve to say in the price of eggs. Can eggs be created in a stylish manner? we don’t also say if we offer it.”

Although egg price have ongoing to rise recently, the market is no optimistic around future egg prices. In the futures market, egg price have begun to shake downward.

Zhou Xiaoqiu, chief farming analyst in ~ Guotai Junan Futures, said: “The momentary egg spot price will continue to continue to be high. About mid-September, ~ the Mid-Autumn Festival autumn season is over, it will certainly be superimposed on the share of laying hen to increase, and also the price will show up significantly after ~ the Mid-Autumn Festival. The state of falling back.”

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