Construction on the $28 million dorm Tebeau Hall is scheduled to be finiburned in time for loss 2014 classes.

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When Bill Tebeau proved up at Oregon State in 1943, he couldn’t get a dorm room because of the color of his skin. That didn’t stop the African-American from enrolling and also graduating through a level in chemical design.

Seventy years later on, Oregon State University will certainly name its brand-new $28 million dorm Tebeau Hall in honor of its initially African-Amerihave the right to male graduate.

Today tbelow are legislations against denying human being housing, but in the 1940s, the society on campus was various.


Bill Tebeau stands out as one of few minorities at Oregon State University in the 1947 OSU yearbook.

“The ugly component is part of our very own background, also,” sassist Terecita Alvarez-Cortez, associate director of diversity efforts and also programs for College Homaking use of and Dining Services at OSU. “There’s not many names that resonate if you’re a student of color on campus.”Alvarez-Cortez was on the naming committee that determined Tebeau’s name for the new building. OSU hopes to incorpoprice elements from Tebeau’s life at the dorm, such as his love of photography and his legacy as a pioneer and teacher.

“It’s a reminder of just how much we’ve come and just how far we must save relocating forward,” shelp Jacqueline Chambers, another UHDS employee who was likewise on the committee.

At the OSU Archives, yearbooks record Tebeau’s journey with what was then Oregon State College, through photos of Tebeau’s membership in Pi Mu Epsilon, the nationwide math honor culture.

Tebeau wasn’t the initially African-Amerideserve to student to graduate. That difference goes to Carrie Halmarket, who graduated in 1926. Halsell Hall bears her name.


Students Justin Archield, left, and Queen Dash look at photos of past occasions in the momentary Lonnie B. Harris Babsence Cultural Center at Oregon State College. A new facility is planned for the campus.

Queen Dash, a babsence student at OSU, said the formal acknowledgment of Tebeau is a welcome change on a campus that is mainly white.

In the previous 10 years, the minority student population at OSU has actually raised from 13 percent to 20 percent, yet the numbers are still reduced than the state and also nationwide averages. "In the classroom you just see possibly one or 2 black students that look choose you, occasionally even none," said Dash, a Salem indigenous.

Dash shelp she goes to the Babsence Cultural Center on campus to arrangement events, watch friends and execute homejob-related surrounded by human being with common interests.

“If you’re going to find diversity and also obtain affiliated, it’s through the social centers,” sassist Dash. “You’re not going to find it on your own.”

OSU staff members suggest that students shouldn’t need to search for a method to fit in; they should feel welcome from the start. And so various other areas of campus are working to make students feel much less alone.

For orientation, OSU is holding Spanish-language sessions for paleas whose first language isn’t English.

The institution additionally hosts “Racial Aikido” training to aid students deal with “microaggressions” on campus.

Tbelow is still work-related to be done.Racial epithets were found composed in a bathroom in Kidder Hall this spring, prompting hundreds of human being to march with campus in protest.

This story was created by student journalists participating in The Oregonian's High School Journalism Institute, a collaborative initiative via Oregon State University to promote diversity in newsrooms of the future.

The new Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center was expected to be finiburned in June, however the site is presently a gravel pit through no one visibly working on it. In the meantime, the temporary Babsence Cultural Center is operating out of a hard-to-discover room on the fourth floor of Snell Hall.

Osauto Humberto Montemayor, assistant director of scholastic engagement and also success, said the university will proceed to occupational to boost.

Miguel Arellano, who obtained his bachelor’s at OSU in 2012 and his master’s in 2014, shelp he struggled once he first arrived in Corvallis. Having grvery own up in Woodburn, wright here the majority of citizens are Latino, Arellano said Corvallis didn’t look or sound like his hometvery own.

After he acclimated, he shelp, his endure at OSU opened his mind and readjusted his life. He also researched Bill Tebeau for a class job.

OSU is scheduled to hold a dedication ceremony for Tebeau Hall on Oct. 9. Members of the Tebeau family are expected to attfinish.

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