Which the the complying with institutions oversees the safety and also stability of the U.S. Banking system?A.) Office that the Comptroller of the CurrencyB.) commonwealth Financial establishments Examination CouncilC.) commonwealth Open market CommitteeD.) The commonwealth Reserve
Which the the following occasions would cause interest rates to increase?A.) reduced tax ratesB.) a higher discount rateC.) reduced reserve requirementsD.) an open market operation to buy bonds
How room the particular interest prices for the lending and also borrowing sectors determined?A.) U.S. Treasure Department plank policyB.) by the forces of supply and also demandC.) through open industry operationsD.) by changing the discount rate
The _______________________ is the institution designed to regulate the amount of money in the economy and also to oversee the:A.) FOMC; happen of tax and also spending bills.B.) main Bank; safety and stability that the banking system.C.) FFIEC; day-to-day democratic control of policy.D.) FDIC; responsibility for deposit insurance.

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What is the name given to the macroeconomic equation MV = PQ?A.) straightforward velocity that money equationB.) an easy quantity equation of outputC.) straightforward quantity equation of moneyD.) simple velocity of price equation
If nominal GDP is 1800 and also the money it is provided is 450, climate what is velocity the circulation?A.) 25B.) 4.5C.) 4D.) 22
When a central Bank renders a decision that will cause an increase in both the money it is provided and aggregate demand, that is:A.) complying with a loosened monetary policy.B.) complying with a tight monetary policy.C.) complying with a contractionary monetary policy.D.) modification quantitative easing.
What ax is provided to describe the interest rate charged by the central bank when it renders loans to commercial banks?A.) discount rateB.) to make reservation requirementC.) Fed rateD.) open sector rate
The central Bank has raised that is reserve requirement from 10% to 12%. If Southern bank finds that it is no holding enough in reserves to meet the higher requirements, climate it will certainly likely:A.) keep track of even if it is money is flowing in or the end of the bank.B.) buy bonds to boost the size of its to make reservation assets.C.) minimize the quantity of money and loans ~ above the balance sheet.D.) borrow because that the short term native the central bank.

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When the main bank decides that will market bonds using open industry operations:A.) interest prices decrease.B.) the money it is provided increases.C.) the money it is provided decreases.D.) the money it is provided is unaffected.