I to be unsure just how to go around solving this question. I know how to get the osmotic pressure, but where perform I walk from there?

I can"t use the gas law because the protein is not a gas.

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$\pu2.38 g$ of a protein is dissolved in $\pu100 mL$ that water at $\pu25^\circ C$. The equipment rises to a height of $\pu8.5 cm$ in an osmometer (a machine for measuring osmotic pressure). What is the molar mass, in grams every mole, the the protein?

Data: assuming the water ls pure, climate the osmotic push $\pi = \rho gh$, where $h$ is the elevation of the water, $\rho$ is the density of water ($\pu1 g/cm^3$),and $g$ is the acceleration because of gravity ($\pu9.81 m/s^2)$.

UPDATE: I"ve talked with a masters college student (my TA) about this and also it turns out that the way to solve this is to use an osmotic press equation i m sorry is similar to the right gas law, however only because it is an approximation. If this concern is unlocked I would be happy come share my answer.

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Use osmotic pressure $Π=iMRT$From this acquire your concentration and calculate molarity that solution.By the way if you are looking much more on this topic climate you must consider the thing on solutions and their colligative nature in your urbanbreathnyc.com textbooks

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It seems to me that you should use Morse equation $\mathrm\Pi=iMRT$ - from her data friend should gain $\mathrmM$ - molarity and then molar mass of the protein. You have the right to skip $\mathrmi$ - it"s not a trouble if it"s a dimer or oligomer.

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