The Myers-Briggs type Indicator is most likely the most widely used personality check in the world.

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About 2 million human being take the annually, in ~ the behest of that company HR departments, colleges, and even government agencies. The company that produces and also markets the test makes around $20 million off it every year.

The just problem? The check is totally meaningless.

"There"s simply no evidence behind it," states Adam Grant, an business psychologist in ~ the university of Pennsylvania who"s written about the shortcomings the the Myers-Briggs previously. "The features measured through the test have almost no predictive power on how happy you"ll it is in in a situation, exactly how you"ll perform at your job, or how happy you"ll be in your marriage."

Analysis reflects the check is entirely ineffective at predicting people"s success at assorted jobs

The test claims that based on 93 questions, that can group all the human being of the world into 16 various discrete "types" — and also in law so, offer as "a powerful framework for building much better relationships, driving confident change, harnessing innovation, and also achieving excellence." most of the faithful think that it primarily as a device for informing you your proper career choice.

But the test was emerged in the 1940s based on the entirely untested theory of Carl Jung and is now thoroughly disregarded through the psychology community. Also Jung warned that his personality "types" were simply rough tendencies he"d observed, fairly than strict classifications. Number of analyses have displayed the check is totally ineffective in ~ predicting people"s success in various jobs, and that about fifty percent of the people who take it double get different results each time.

Yet you"ve more than likely heard people telling you that they"re one ENFJ (extroverted intuitive emotion judging), one INTP (introverted intuitive reasoning perceiving), or another one the the 16 species drawn indigenous Jung"s work, and you might have also been given this check in a professional setting. Here"s an explanation that why this labels are so meaningless — and also why no company in the 21st century must rely ~ above the test for anything.

The Myers-Briggs rests on completely unproven theories

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The Myers-Briggs is valuable for one thing: entertainment. There"s absolutely nothing wrong v taking the test as a fun, amazing activity, prefer a BuzzFeed quiz.

But over there is other wrong with CPP peddling the test as "reliable and also valid, donate by ongoing worldwide research and development investment." The firm makes an approximated $20 million annually, through the Myers-Briggs together its flagship product. Amongst other things, it charges between $15 and also $40 come each person who desires to take it the test, and $1,700 come each person who desires to come to be a certified check administrator.

About 200 commonwealth agencies apparently waste money ~ above this test

Why would certainly someone salary this lot to carry out a failure test? because once you have actually that title, you can sell your solutions as a career coach come both civilization looking for work and also the thousands of major companies — such together McKinsey & Co., basic Motors, and also a reported 89 that the happiness 100 — that usage the test to different employees and potential hires right into "types" and assign them appropriate training programs and responsibilities. Once certified, test administrators become cheerleaders that the Myers-Briggs, ensuring that usage of the outdated instrument is continued.

If personal companies desire to throw their money far on the Myers-Briggs, that"s your prerogative. But around 200 federal agencies supposedly waste money top top the test too, including the State Department and also the CIA. The army in particular relies heavily on the Myers-Briggs, and also the EPA has given it to around a 4 minutes 1 of the 17,000 employees.

It"s 2015. Thousands of expert psychologists have evaluated the century-old Myers-Briggs, uncovered it to it is in inaccurate and also arbitrary, and devised far better systems for assessing personality. Let"s protect against using this outdated test — i beg your pardon has about as lot scientific validity as your astrological sign — and move on to something else.

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Correction: This piece previously declared that the military uses the Myers-Briggs for promotions in particular, rather than using it as a basic tool.