Prodigy is a role Playing game (RPG). This way each player creates a character that represents them together they discover the Prodigy world and start their virtual adventure. These characters, or wizards, embark ~ above a distinctive journey, acquisition players native level 1 all the method up come level 100!

What wake up if you defeat the puppet understand in Prodigy?

Once you defeat the puppet master you teleport right into a dark world…. Then you hear a voice.

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What happens once you defeat crios in Prodigy?

There is an achievement called “Fall that Crios”, which you can get by defeating him in battle. You location up in the accomplishment every time girlfriend beat one of the wizards. His pets are an Embershed and also Infernewt. In the old Prodigy, he has the full development team.

How plenty of hearts walk Mira Shade have in Prodigy?

100k hearts

How carry out you obtain the employee of flames in Prodigy?

This wand have the right to be derived through Digging, battle Chests, or Conjure Cubes.

How carry out you walk on lava in Prodigy?

Use the Boots that Hotwalk to walk throughout the lava.

Where execute you gain the crystal staff in Prodigy?

Academy.Lamplight Town.Skywatch.House.Dark Tower.

What is the strongest staff in Prodigy?

Adamantium Staff

Is peddler quiet in Prodigy?

The peddler is-was prefer boardy and also spinner, but you might trade all ur dirty socks, tin cans, dragon scales etc. Because that gold. But prodigy removed him. For this reason he’s usually dead now.

What do old socks carry out in Prodigy 2020?

What is the old amount say for in Prodigy? Old socks room for your feet. If you open up chests or spin wheel you can acquire the old sock.

What happens as soon as you obtain 100 old socks in Prodigy?

There provided to be a personality in the game referred to as “Peddler“ once you gained Old Socks, big Scales, ETC. That would profession you because that 100 coins every item. Over there is a use for old socks and that is if you collect 100 of castle you reach level 101 I’m just 100 quiet :p.

What do huge scales perform in Prodigy math game?

Large Scale: If you save up to about 200 to 300 that these, the can give you around 100 Titan Shards! tin can: one old tin can. Probably had some soup or possibly some vegetables . Most likely wizard Hobo Food…..

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How execute I obtain to the Old road in Prodigy?

Go up, and also you’re in ~ Grassy Clearing. Walk northeast, and you’ll be at the Crossroads (separate native Firefly/Academy Crossroads). If girlfriend go ideal from over there you’ll be in ~ the Old Road.

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