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A white billiard round with fixed mw = 1.57 kg is moving directly to the right with a rate of v = 3.43 m/s and also collides elastically through a black color billiard ball with the very same mass mb = 1.57 kg the is originally at rest. The 2 collide elastically and also the white ball ends up relocating at one angle above the horizontal the ?w = 26.0° and the black sphere ends up relocating at an angle listed below the horizontal the ?b = 64.0°.

What is the last speed that the white ball?

What is the last speed the the black color ball?

What is the size of the final total momentum the the system?

What is the final total energy of the system?

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Compute the final speed of the electron

In a particluar x-ray tube, one electron viewpoints the target moving at 2 108 m/s. The slows under on being deflected through a cell nucleus of the target, emitting a photon of energy 35

find the size of the full electrostatic force

A particle with charge ?2 µC is located on the x-axis at the allude 4 cm, What is the magnitude of the complete electrostatic pressure on a third particle v a fee of -2 µC location

How numerous pennies need to be added to the water

Copper pennies weighing 2.5 g have been placed in cook water at 100 degree Celsius. How many pennies should be added to the water to raise the temperature come 31 level Celsiu

What is its rate after it has actually moved the 7.50m

A pressure of k is applied to an object for a small fraction of a second, t_k, less than the term of one frame, t_f. Ours simulation doesn\"t support applying forces for less t

determine the kinetic and potential energies

determine the kinetic and also potential energies as soon as thedisplacement is one fifty percent the amplitude. For what worth of the displacement does the kineticenergy equal the potential ener

What is direction the acceleration with respect to +x axis

A fish swimming in a horizontal aircraft has a velocity through = (3.3i + 1.6j) m/s in ~ a suggest in the ocean where the place relitive come a certian absent is ri = (10.5i - 3.9j) m. A

The two-block mechanism is moving with the velocity

Block A, with a fixed of 5.58 kg, is relocating with a rate of +6.7 m/s if block B, v a mass of 6.52 kg, is relocating in opposing direction v a speed of -1.8 m/s. The ce

exactly how high is the fence

A paperweight, once weighed in air, has a weight of W = 7.4N. When totally immersed in water, though, it has actually a load of success water = 4.40 N. Discover the volume of the paperw


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