The defining characteristic of an exchange relationship is the benefits are provided with the expectation the receiving a comparable advantage in return or in repayment for a comparable benefit received in the past. As soon as exchange rule are followed appropriately, each connection member considers the exchange to it is in fair. Relationships in between customers and storeowners frequently exemplify exchange relationships. For instance, a customer may pay a storeowner 3 dollars for a package of file towels. Typically, relationships between employees and employers are also exchange relationships.

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Exchange relationships room ubiquitous, which method they are discovered everywhere. Whereas plenty of involve monetary transactions, together in the examples just given, countless others execute not. Because that instance, one collection of parents with a boy who plays football may kind a automobile pool through another set of parental whose son plays soccer. Each collection of parents agrees to carry out the other’s boy transportation to methods in exchange for the other parents doing the very same for your child. Another exchange relationship might exist between couple with a beach cottage who every year exchanges a mainly at the cottage for a week at one more couple’s condominium at a ski resort.

Exchange relationships might be short in expression (as when a person purchases miscellaneous from an additional at one suggest in time and also never sees the other human being again) or very long in expression (as as soon as couples trade time in their particular vacation dwellings every year because that 40 years). Although the an inspiration to monitor exchange rules is frequently selfish, it may be unselfish. An instance of a selfish an inspiration is a person desiring dinner since he or she is hungry. That human being then purchase the dinner native a restaurant owner. Together an illustration of one unselfish motivation for following exchange rules, think about what could happen if one collection of parents in the vehicle pool could not drive 3 mainly in a row due to their car being repaired. The other set of parents can cover and even say, “Don’t worry about it” come the couple with the automobile in the shop. However, the first couple might unselfishly urge on compensating the an initial set with a gift certificate come a fancy restaurant to honor the exchange agreement.

Exchange relationships space not exploitative relationships. They carry out a fair method for civilization to attain many goods and services that can not be accessible to lock in close, communal relationships in which services are provided to assistance the other’s welfare non-contingently. Occasionally, when interpersonal to trust is low, exchange rules are applied within relationship which are, normatively and also for many individuals, communal in nature, such together marriages and also other household relationships.

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