This tutorial describes how to convert a decimal IP deal with in binary IP deal with and abinary IP address in a decimal IP address step by action with examples. Discover the easiest method of convert a decimal IP attend to and subnet mask in binary IP address and subnet mask respectively.

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An IP deal with and a subnet mask both collectively carry out a numeric identification to one interface. Both addresses are always used together. Without subnet mask, an IP attend to is an ambiguous attend to and without IP deal with a subnet mask is just a number.

Both addresses space 32 bits in length. This bits are divided in 4 parts. Each part is well-known as Octet and contains 8 bits.Octets are separated through periods and written in a sequence.


Two popular notations are provided for composing these addresses, binary and decimal.

In binary notation, all 4 octets are written in binary format.

Examples of IP address in binary notation are following: -

Examples of subnet mask in binary notation room following: -

In decimal notation, all four octets are written in decimal format. A decimal tantamount value of the bits is offered in each octet.

Examples that IP attend to in decimal notation are following: -
Examples the subnet mask in decimal notation space following: -
In actual life you rarely need to concealed an IP resolve and subnet mask indigenous decimal come binary format and vice versa. But if you are preparing for any type of Cisco exam, I extremely recommend you to find out this conversion. Virtually all Cisco exams include questions about IP addresses. Finding out this counter will assist you in addressing IP addressing associated questions much more effectively.

Understanding basic value and also position

Except the base value, binary mechanism works precisely same together decimal system works. Base worth is the number which are offered to construct the number in both systems.In binary system, two digits (0 and 1) are offered to construct the number while in decimal system, ten number (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) are supplied to construct the numbers.

In stimulate to transform a number native binary to decimal and also vice versa, we have to adjust the base value. Once base worth is changed, resulting number deserve to be written in new system.

Since IP attend to and subnet mask both are developed from 32 bits and also these bits are split in 4 octets,in order to transform these addresses in binary native decimal and vice versa, us only need to understand the numbers which can be developed from one octet or 8 bits.

A bit have the right to be one of two people on or off. In binary device on little is composed as 1 and also off bit is written as 0 in number.In decimal system if bit is on, its place value is included in number and also if little is off, its position value is skipped in number.

Following table list the place value the each little in an octet.

Bit position1234567 8
Position value1286432168421

Key points regardless which system we use to compose the octet, it constantly contains all 8 bits. Bits are constantly written native left come right. A number in which all 8 bits are off is written as 00000000 in binary system. Exact same number is composed as 0 (0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0) in decimal system. A number in which every 8 bits space on is composed as 11111111 in binary system. Very same number is composed as 255 (128+64+32+16+8+4+2+1) in decimal system.

Converting decimal number in binary number

To convert a decimal number in binary number, follow this steps: -

compare the place value of very first bit through the given number. If given number is higher than the place value, write 0 in turbulent area of your worksheet. If offered number is less than or same to the position value, create the place value. Add the position value the the second bit in whatever you created in first step and compare it v the position value of the second bit. If amount is greater than the place value, skip the place value. If amount is much less than or equal to the place value, add the place value in sum. Repeat this procedure until every 8 bits space compared. If sum becomes same at any kind of bit, compose all reaming bits as 0.
OperationIn DecimalIn Binary
AddUse place valueSet bit to 1
SkipSkip place valueSet little bit to 0

Let’s take it an example. Convert a decimal number 117 in binary.

provided decimal number is 117 calculation direction is Left come Right
Bit position position valueComparisonOperation in decimalValue in decimalOperation in BinaryValue in binary
1128128 is greater than 117Skip0Off0
2640+64 = 64 is much less than 117Add64On1
3320+64+32 = 96 is less than 117Add32On1
4160+64+32+16 = 112 is less than 117Add16On1
580+64+32+16+8 = 120 is higher than 117Skip0Off0
640+64+32+16+0+4 = 116 is less than 117Add4On1
720+64+32+16+0+4+2 = 118 is higher than 117Skip0Off0
810+64+32+16+0+4+0+1 =117 is indistinguishable to 117Add1 On1

Once over comparison is done in unstable paper: -

To write the offered number in decimal format, amount all the worths of decimal field and also write the result. In this example, it would certainly be 0+64+32+16+0+4+0+1 = 117. To compose the given number in binary format, compose all the worths of binary ar from left come right. In this example, it would be 11110101.

Converting binary number in decimal number

To transform a binary number in decimal number, sum the worths of every on bits. Let’s take an example. Transform a binary number 10101010 in decimal number.

provided binary number is 10101010 calculation direction is Left come Right
Bit position1234567 8
position value1286432168421
In binary10101010
Bit statusOnOffOnOffOnOffOnOff
If little bit status is on, use place value in decimal12803208020

The binary number 10101010 is equal to the number 170 (128+0+32+0+8+0+2+0) in decimal system.

Practice for you

Pick any type of number indigenous 0 - 255 and also convert the in binary. Choose any combination from 00000000 - 11111111 and also convert the in decimal.Converting one IP resolve and subnet mask

As we understand IP deal with and subnet mask both are developed from 4 individual octets be separate by periods. We have the right to use above methods to convert all octets individually. When all four octets room converted, we deserve to merge them again separating through periods.

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