As per the question, we are provided some light sources prefer halogen, laser, sodium-vapor etc.

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There room two varieties of body which are known as luminous and non luminous relying on their production of light.

All these sources provided in the concern are luminous sources as they have actually their own light. Most importantly they room not natural luminous sources prefer stars, firefly etc.

All these sources are artificial.

Hence, the exactly answer that this concern is fabricated luminous sources.


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The common thing to all light sources, consisting of incandescent, fluorescent, neon, halogen, laser, and sodium-vapor devices is that all of them are man-made light sources.
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Name the main resistive force that opposes the driving pressure when a automobile is moving.
nikdorinn <45>

The key resistive pressure that opposes the driving pressure when a vehicle is relocating is drag Force/ waiting resistance. Waiting resistance is the frictional pressure exert by wait on the moving body. Better the velocity the the body, more it will experience air resistance. Waiting resistance make the efforts to slow down the slow-moving down the rate of the body. The force by engines do the efforts to relocate it forward and also drag force tries to move it in opposite direction. If the force by automobile engine is better than the traction force, automobile will move forward.

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A round rolls that a workdesk a speed of 3.0m/s and lands 0.40 secs later
lilavasa <31>

a) The horizontal distance spanned by the sphere is 1.2 m

b) The elevation of the desk is 0.784 m

c) The rate at the moment of affect is 4.9 m/s



We need to calculate how far from the base of the desk the ball lands, the is the horizontal distance spanned by the ball during its motion.

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The movement of the round is a projectile motion and consists of 2 independent motions:

- A horizontal uniform activity at consistent velocity, due to the fact that no pressures act follow me the horizontal direction

- A vertical accelerated motion with consistent acceleration

towards the ground, due to the pressure of gravity

In this part we are just interested in the horizontal motion. The horizontal velocity of the round is continuous and that is


And the time of trip is

t = 0.40 s

Therefore, the horizontal distance extended is



To discover the elevation of the desk, we have actually to think about the vertical motion, i m sorry is a uniformly sped up motion. Therefore, we have the right to use the following suvat equation:



s is the vertical displacement (= the elevation of the desk)

is the initial upright velocity

is the acceleration of gravity

t = 0.40 s is the time of flight




To uncover the rate of the sphere at the impact, we have to calculate both the horizontal and vertical materials of the velocity at the time of impact.