Which two attributes are linked with UDP sessions? (Choose two.)Destination devices receive traffic with minimal delay.Transmitted data segments space tracked.Destination devices reassemble messages and pass them come an application.Received data is unacknowledged.Unacknowledged data packets are retransmitted.

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What wake up if part of an FTP blog post is not yielded to the destination?The article is lost because FTP walk not usage a reliable shipment method.The FTP resource host sends a query to the destination host.The component of the FTP post that was shed is re-sent.The whole FTP message is re-sent.
A host device needs to send a large video document across the network while providing data interaction to other users. Which feature will allow different interaction streams to happen at the very same time, without having a single data stream using all obtainable bandwidth?window sizemultiplexingport numbersacknowledgments
What kind of port should be asked for from IANA in order to be used with a certain application?registered portprivate portdynamic portsource port
What type of information is included in the transfer header?destination and resource logical addressesdestination and resource physical addressesdestination and source port numbersencoded application data
Which flag in the TCP header is used in an answer to a got FIN in stimulate to terminate connectivity between two network devices?FINACKSYNRST
During a TCP session, a destination device sends one acknowledgment number come the resource device. What go the acknowledgment number represent?the total number of bytes that have actually been receivedone number an ext than the succession numberthe next byte that the location expects to receivethe last sequence number the was sent by the source
What info is provided by TCP come reassemble and also reorder received segments?port numberssequence numbersacknowledgment numbersfragment numbers
What walk TCP carry out if the sending resource detects network congestion on the path to the destination?The source host will send a inquiry for much more frequent acknowledgments come the destination.The source will diminish the amount of data that it sends before it have to receive acknowledgements from the destination.The destination will inquiry retransmission the the whole message.The source will recognize the critical segment the is sent and also include a request for a smaller home window size in the message.
The source will decrease the amount of data the it sends before it have to receive acknowledgements indigenous the destination.

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What is a properties of UDP?UDP datagrams take the very same path and also arrive in the exactly order in ~ the destination.Applications that usage UDP are constantly considered unreliable.UDP reassembles the got datagrams in the order they were received.UDP only passes data to the network once the destination is prepared to obtain the data.
Why go HTTP usage TCP together the deliver layer protocol?to for sure the fastest feasible download speedbecause HTTP is a best-effort protocolbecause infection errors can be tolerated easilybecause HTTP requires trusted delivery
When is UDP wanted to TCP?when a client sends a segment come a serverwhen every the data need to be fully received before any component of the is thought about usefulwhen an application have the right to tolerate some loss the data throughout transmissionwhen segments must arrive in a very certain sequence come be processed successfully


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