Who is Andrew Bynum?

What occurred to Andrew Bynum?

Andrew had persistent injury problems, specifically with his knee, which preserved him ~ above the sidelines an ext than ~ above the court. That fought ago many times, however as of 2014 he there is no played vain basketball. He to be signed with the Indiana Pacers for his critical NBA season, however played in only two games prior to swelling and also soreness in his ideal knee returned.

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He was sidelined because that the rest of the season, and during the play-offs that year, it was announced the he would certainly no longer be involved in team activities. Due to the fact that then, there have actually been reports of him trying to return to the NBA, and in 2018 the trained v the Lakers and other NBA teams, yet unfortunately he had no luck, and remains out of experienced basketball.

Andrew Bynum Wiki- Age, Childhood, and also Education

Andrew Bynum to be born on the 27th October 1987, in Plainsboro Township, new Jersey USA; the is the second and youngest son of Ernest Bynum and also his ex-wife Janet McCoy; his parental divorced when Andrew was only a year old.

He changed several schools during his teenage years, an initial attending St. Joseph High institution in Metuchen, new Jersey, in his small and an elderly years, then delivering to West Windsor Plainsboro High school North for the much better part the his freshman year, but then for the remainder of the freshman year and also sophomore, he visited Solebury School, Pennsylvania. He wanted to pat basketball for the university of Connecticut, but at simply 17 years old, he made decision to enter the NBA and declared because that the 2005 NBA Draft.

Career Beginnings

He had an impressive stint in high school, including playing in the 2005 McDonald’s All-American game.


The next season was his best in his whole career, having actually multiple games with 20+ rebounds and 20+ points. Mike Brown to be appointed the brand-new coach of the Lakers and also he thought of Bynum as an All-Star center. Andrew played in 60 games, all starts, and also had 18.7 clues per video game with 11.8 rebounds. The season earned him his just All-Star game appearance.In 2012, the Lakers choose up the $16.1 million precious team alternative on his contract. However traded him to the Orlando Magic. However, Jordan didn’t even reach the camp as the Magic decided against receiving Bynum due to the fact that of his at risk to injury status.

He missed the totality 2012-2013 season v knee problems, climate in 2013 that signed through the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, he was nowhere close to his previous form, and eventually perfect his job in Indiana, after only two gamings played in 2014. Due to the fact that then, he has been the end of the NBA.

Andrew Bynum net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Although his career was marred through injuries, Andrew tho signed a pair of high profile contracts, including the $58 million over four years v the Lakers. As of beforehand 2020, Andrew Bynum’s network worth is estimated at $45 million, while that earned end $70 million in total during his job in the NBA.
Andrew stands in ~ 7ft (2.13m) tall, while he weighs around 285lbs ~ 129kgs. He has black hair and brown eyes.

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Andrew Bynum personal Life, Marriage, Facts

When it involves his an individual life, Andrew has actually been quite secretive around it, and also there is no easily accessible information around his love life and other exclusive details. He resides a life away from the media buzz, and also although that is sometimes pointed out as one of the Lakers’ all-time-greats, his injury-prone knee didn’t take it him too much in his career.