Fairy Tail: 10 Giveaways Zeref was Natsu's brother All follow me While Natsu and also Zeref were always bound by destiny, fans were surprised to discover they were bound by blood, too. However the hints were there.

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zeref brothers through natsu fairy tail
among the big reveals in Fairy Tail was that not just was Natsu E.N.D., yet he was additionally the brothers of Zeref, the main antagonist the the series. The two had actually been tied together for lot of the series and their battle constantly seemed choose it was going to be the one the wrapped increase Fairy Tail.

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While it was a bit of a surprised at the time, feather back, there were many clues that the two were related. A few are minor, however others do the reveal pretty obvious.

if innocuous at the time, Zeref stating he wanted to see Natsu the first time he"s shown on screen is a major hint to just how tied with each other they are. Why else would certainly he want to see Natsu? the couldn"t be that he to be a Dragon Slayer because Wendy and also Gajeel were both on the island at the time as well. There was nothing else that might have external inspection them together, not even the good feats the Natsu had managed to pull turn off up till that point.

Even an ext than Zeref"s desire to see Natsu, his proclamation the Natsu had actually grown was another dead giveaway. Despite how long Zeref had been alive, there to be no means he could have been complying with Natsu"s progress for years. In ~ the time, it seemed favor Zeref was talking around Natsu"s expansion as a mage. Looking back, the was clearly talking around how much he"d get an impressive both together a person and in the physics sense.

in spite of the assault that was absorbed by Natsu"s scarf, Zeref never intentionally tried come fight Natsu or any kind of member of the Fairy Tail guild. His existence was mostly spent moping around how the human being was rejecting him.

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In reality, that seemed like he was on Tenrou Island for both Mavis and also to check out how far Natsu had come. That"s shown by his disappointment the Natsu was no yet prepared to death him. If Zeref really wanted to, he can have killed practically everyone on the island.

7 The fury Zeref had Towards Hades Was much more Than Distaste because that His Actions

The short monologue Zeref had with Hades seemed to it is in a means to present that Zeref hated those who destroyed indiscriminately, the he wasn"t the bad guy the collection made the seem come be in ~ first. If that"s true, that wasn"t the complete story that why he confronted the previous Fairy Tail Guild Master. Zeref blamed him because that Acnologia"s arrival and also the inevitable destruction of the island, and given the his brother would be among the casualties, it"s not much different than Itachi going to Konoha to put the are afraid of god right into Danzo.

The finish of the Tenrou Island arc to be shocking and could have had actually far more emotional weight 보다 it ended up having. Acnologia"s arrival and also complete decimation that not only Fairy Tail however Tenrou Island to be an stunning moment. The totality arc helped create the hierarchy in-universe, putting Acnologia and Zeref on an additional level. It also showed the level of sadness Zeref had actually for the results, shedding a tear as soon as he thought that was the end of Natsu. He never showed that same emotion for anyone aside from Mavis.

5 The lot Of time He Lingered approximately Fairy Tail after The Tenrou Island Arc Was always Suspicious

when Zeref and also Mavis" relationship was less of a mystery, it to be still strange how often Zeref lingered in the background of events that involved the Fairy Tail guild. He constantly seemed to be around, maintaining tabs on Natsu.

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Part of that was always to see Natsu"s progress, making sure he would certainly be strong enough to kill him, yet the other fifty percent had to be watching his brothers grow. The couldn"t take it a function in Natsu"s life as he"d like to, supplementing it any method he could.

The battle between Natsu and also Zeref was hyped increase from the very beginning. It"s all Zeref seemed to care about and nothing rather mattered more, also Mavis. Practically every time he proved up, Zeref would certainly make some passing reference to this fated conflict, it is in it within or externally. The felt no various than Sasuke and also Itachi"s destined fight between brother in Naruto. Come Fairy Tail"s credit, the story hosted off on revealing their familiar bonds as long as it could, yet it was constantly obvious why Zeref want Natsu to be the one to death him.

3 The fact Zeref Knew for this reason Much around Natsu

Sure, Zeref had actually been about for ages, seeing the rise and fall of countless empires. The doesn"t define how he seemed to know so much around Natsu. That knew intimate details, such as E.N.D. And also Igneel"s mission to damage it. It"s a wonder why nobody of the personalities put two and two together, or in ~ the very least got curious about how Zeref knew for this reason much. The was constantly obvious that the 2 were either associated or that Natsu was a creation of Zeref"s.

The best caveat come Ankhseram black color Magic was that it might only be regulated by who who"d get an impression apathetic to human being life. It"s exactly how Zeref had the ability to be the emperor that the Alvarez Empire. The didn"t care about any of them, see them all as pawns in his schemes of happen a good war come the world. That wasn"t true when he observed Natsu. The magic would certainly flare up, lashing out at random because no matter what Zeref told himself, the cared around his brother.

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1 The whole Monologue during The Avatar Arc assignment It out To The Audience

If there was ever any kind of doubt around their ties together, the Avatar arc determined to make it clear as day. Fairly than to develop up to the reveal throughout the arc, it was nearly spelled out for the audience in a monologue that Zeref delivered while talking to a book. That explained every one of the essential facts the his past, including his immortality and also his struggles to uncover a method to lug his dead brother ago to life. It to be an weird decision, sapping much of the an enig away.

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