Shameless broke its very own “11th illustration rule” by delivering a solid but not specifically Earth-shattering penultimate episode to a an excellent fourth season. Space they conserving the pepper for following week, or perform they figure that they placed us through enough in the season’s pitch-dark an initial half and are letting us off straightforward this year?

Let’s destruction in.

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Fiona (Emmy Rossum) is ~ above the prison bus. She makes little talk through a woman who stabbed an additional woman in the gut to prove the she wasn’t pregnant. She was. “Oops.” The jail is around 3 hrs from Chicago.

Chuckles speak a still-unconscious Frank (William H. Macy) the they obtain to walk to Ruby Tuesday’s once he wakes up. What, are you trying to put him right ago in the emergency room? The new patient beside Frank – an adorably doomed girl named Emily – requirements a new heart. Chuckles asks, “Is that why friend look prefer a vampire?” I liked you much better when you didn’t talk, kid. Emily has no dad, and the ladies note, “Men can’t handle tragedy, therefore they leave.” Her mom apologizes because that airing dirty laundry and Sammi (Emily Bergl) snorts, “We’ve acquired the dirtiest wash in Chicago.” Well, if you’re including that filthy tote bag…


Back at home, Carl (Ethan Cutkowsky) asks Ian (Cameron Monaghan) if Mickey is his boyfriend. Ian says he is, and also Carl speak Ian that he has a girlfriend. Carl asks Ian what that likes about Mickey and Ian says, “I like exactly how he smells.” Really? Pigpen? That would not have actually been my very first guess. Mickey (Noel Fisher) gets all set to to visit his son’s Christening and Ian says he wants to go, yet Mickey tells him to skip it. Lock posture and also wrestle and also Ian asks, “Are we a pair or not?” Mickey claims they are, and Ian clarifies, “a pair that hides.” Well, at the very least you hide together.

Amanda (Nichole Bloom) blows Lip (Jeremy Allen White) in front of Liam and also makes Lip keep his hairnet on. (Will she likewise make him to wash hands before returning come work?) Lip mentions offhand that he can’t make dinner v her parents that night, and also she shuts it down, storming out and also telling that he’s no a guy of his word. Oof – if there’s one worth the Gallaher kids hold dear, it’s honor.


At school, Debs’ trashy friend ooh and aah around some nerd named Henry, that is only interested in Debs (Emma Kenney). One says, “I wanna suck him choose a Slushie.” the doesn’t sound pleasant for anyone involved. He supplies Debs help with she bio lab and she marvels, “You recognize my name?”

Sheila (Joan Cusack) bring Richard Roundtree roger Running Tree’s nieces and also nephews to check out Frank, and also then make the efforts to mountain him in former of them. Sammi tells her the this isn’t Urban Cowboy and she reluctantly dismounts. Emily and her mommy overhear the littlest girl offer to do a “tribal dance” for him, and also they’re entirely into it.

At the Russian Orthodox church, the “Welcome residence Terry” sign is a little bit worse because that the wear, “because it’s been offered a lot.” Wait, what is up with this crazy disco church lighting?! This step is lit like something indigenous Hannibal. Lock go through with the baptism even though terrycloth hasn’t presented yet – and also Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) is no thrilled the Ian is there.

Bonnie and Carl steal food from a vending an equipment (with a measuring ice cream – clever!) for she siblings, among whom has bronchitis. Carl invites them to stay at his house.

Debs’ friends try to weasel in on her… man? but he only has actually frog’s eyes because that Debs. And a frog heart! Awwwwwwful. Among the tarts invites him end to watch porn, telling him the she “downloaded Sperms of Endearment.” Later, in the library (aren’t people an alleged to be reading books there?), Henry sketches Debs (very well!) and also one of her friends wonders, “What go Debbie have that ns don’t have?” The various other replies, “Her hymen.” Henry wants to kiss her later – in the basement the the gym, after ~ basketball practice. Uh, this sounds not so good…

Lip interrupts Amanda’s course to provide him his home address and call her, “Don’t ever tell me I’m not a man of my word.” there it is.


The girls shot to “wake Frank’s heart through dance” yet it’s Carl’s dickpunch that at some point brings him back. He think Sammi is Debs and also Carl is Lip – the physician tells them that this is typical in patients who simply woke increase from a major plot device. Ns mean, surgery.

Kev (Steve Howey) offer Mickey food in ~ the party as a goodwill gesture – Mickey states they still have bidness to work out – and also Svetlana speak Mickey to make “Howdy Doody” leave. Mickey asks Ian to examine out, but Ian states if the can’t stay, Mickey isn’t welcome in his home anymore: “I’m noble of living a lie.” Mickey counters, “What you and I have makes me free.” just then Terry reflects up. Five great. Kev slips Ian a huge shot that whiskey.

Lip sends out a selfie of self w/ Liam come Fiona, no that she’ll obtain it whenever soon. He provides dinner and also checks his grades online, discovering that he got a C in his an initial class to short article grades. No good.

In the gym basement – practically as romantic as the bathroom at an arcade – Debs kisses Henry and he desires to go further, yet she claims she’s not ready. That asks she to the dance and also manages to get her optimal off when she thinks about it, and then she realizes that there space dozens of civilization on the stairs taking photos of her in she bra. Transforms out this was every orchestrated by Matty’s girlfriend, Seema (Susie Abraham) – wait, isn’t she, like, in COLLEGE?! That’s just wrong. Yes, she payment her small half-brother $50 come humiliate a 14-year-old. Doesn’t the Seema little petty?


Back in ~ home, Lip traction Bonnie the end of the to wash chute as her siblings do a ruckus downstairs, and he speak them come be together noisy as they wanna be. There’s a knock at the door and Lip thinks it’s Amanda’s folks, yet it’s a surprised visit from society Services. Whoops. The tries to reschedule. This walk nowhere. She walks through the home pointing the end all the son hazards, and also eventually asks wherein Fiona and also Frank – the guardians, after all – are. Stone-faced Lip states they are at work. That’s his story, and he’s stickin’ to it.

At prison, Fiona gets shit for thanking a guard because that towels. HOW an extremely DARE SHE?! There’s also a really angry girl in the row alongside hers that might be significant? Or might not. Prison!

At the hospital, Sheila kisses frank goodnight, and Frank – reasoning that Sheila is his mother – grabs her boob and also says, “Wait till we acquire home, ma.” Ugh. Later, candid – reasoning that Emily is Fiona – apologizes to she for leaving her and also Lip under a parkbench while that did drugs. He guarantees to it is in a better dad and she is down v it. They organize hands.


Amanda shows up with her parental – and is fast to allude out, “They’re white,” and that castle “bought she from a whorehouse” in Asia: “Go Navy!”

At the Alibi, terrycloth is going on about prison rape and also Svetlana sidles up to Mickey, saying, “Speaking that queers…” and threatening to tell his dad everything. One uncharacteristically reasonable Mickey lays out for her the truth that her instance is pretty not poor right now, all points considered, and also this stuns her into silence long sufficient for Ian come tell Mickey the he’s leaving, and they space over: “I have no attention in being a mistress anymore.” he calls Mickey a coward and heads because that the prior door… however just as he opens it, Mickey bangs top top the table and announces, “I simply want everybody to know, I’m fucking gay.” that looks in ~ Ian: “You happy now?” everyone goes earlier to dancing as though naught happened. Ha! yet then terry flips the eff out, charging Mickey. Mickey it s okay in a couple of good swings before Terry takes him down, yet then Ian swoops in to assist him, and also does some damage before getting nailed through a chair come the back. Ouch! The crazy-bearded priest numbers he far better call the cops, and shooes the prostitute that’s to be under his robes the totality time.

Matty come by to view Debs and tell her that he broke up through Seema ~ he observed the pics on Facebook. Turns out also the “TeamDebs” posters are picking on her. He states that boys space assholes, and girls room sneaky. He also points out that a kid placing a snake in someone’s auto is one thing, yet a grown mrs pulling a prank to humiliate a kid like that is simply wrong. Debs insists, “I’m not a kid.” Matty supplies to take she to the dance.


Mickey it s okay slammed versus one cop car, and his dad gets slammed versus another, and also then they simply SCREAM THE SHIT out OF ONE ANOTHER. Ns seriously can’t make out fifty percent of what is being yelled here, but it involves Mickey going on about how that loves having actually Ian inside him. Terry is… inconsolable. The cops shove him into a cruiser and allude out the this is in violation that his parole, for this reason he’s going earlier to jail. The cop who has actually Mickey undoes the cuffs and also tells him the he’s cost-free to go: “It would be a lot of paperwork, and also I’d rather get home to mine husband, Carlos.” Atta boy!

Amanda’s parents… enjoy?… dinner, when Bonnie mentions that her sister is on death row for murder and also Lip explains the drug-related hijinx that placed Fiona in the pokey. As soon as he notices that Amanda’s mommy isn’t eating, that takes she plate to the mrs from society services. She confirms that the youngsters she witnessed running about in the residence live in a van, and also adds, “Most human being I see room trying come dump your kids, not pick up more.” She tells him the the next “surprise” visit will certainly be in two Saturdays, at 4pm. That smiles. It’s nice. Also, his grades are in, and also he’s not shedding his scholarship.


Upstairs, Carl takes a selfie of himself through Bonnie in Fiona’s bed and also sends it to her, adding, “Stay in prison.” he takes his shirt off, however Bonnie claims she doesn’t prefer sex, for this reason they just cuddle instead. Aww.

Amanda’s dad do the efforts to give Lip $5,000 to continue to be away native her. Lip is floored. Dad claims it’s worth $10,000 to keep her from dating “Someone like you,” and also that he has actually the cash with him. With. Him. Amanda is furious at Lip for taking the money, hissing, “I was just starting to really prefer you” before storming out with her folks. Later, she return to phone call Lip the she told him she last friend – a BMX racer – acquired $15k, and that the should have actually held the end for more. They operation upstairs. Unique played, Lip and also Amanda! Bonnie and also Carl should take notes.

Did Frank simply flash united state his junk while obtaining out that bed? due to the fact that I was too scared come look. The takes his catheter bag with him come the cafeteria, whereby he stares under a doctor until he gives him his brownie. When’s the critical time we witnessed Frank eat something?


Outside the Alibi, a pair of guys pass by Mickey: “Gay, huh?” they chortle and also move along. See? no the finish of the world, Pigpen. Mickey tells Ian this doesn’t median he’s put on a dress now, and also Ian points out that he does have nice legs. Castle laugh yet it hurts them both too much. Ian kisses the optimal of Mickey’s head. Shit – are these two actually gonna work out?

Emily dies. Or at least Frank thinks she does. But he also thinks it’s Fiona. Yet it’s not – because Fiona is liven peeing in public and taking team showers.


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Notably Absent: V and Carol

I can’t decide whether I’m relieved or disappointed that this illustration wasn’t the heart-wrenching, gut-rending schadenfreudalympics the we’ve come to expect from these near-finale eps. The was good to see Mickey and also Ian take it their relationship to a new place, however will Ian’s erratic behavior ever be discussed? Fiona in jail was unbelievably depressing, yet thankfully minimal. And also I dislike to recognize that despite the age distinction I really do like Debs and also Matty together. They simply need come promise to continue to be a yardstick apart because that at least 6 years. Similarly Carl and Bonnie, though I issue that she won’t be approximately long sufficient to get that far – just how long will certainly that van continue to be parked in the neighborhood? and also the Svetlana-Terry alliance is a bit icky, as I never ever really saw Svetlana together an out-and-out villain choose she has end up being here. I mean, the poor girl can’t catch a break.

So things are relatively stable and also calm going into the finale, i m sorry is an unfamiliar feeling. Is the a sign that the household has discovered their Fiona-free brand-new normal? Or room we just being lulled into complacency so that they have the right to hit us with a whopper? I’m additionally curious regarding whether any kind of of the advances that have come the end of the season’s script-flip are gonna stick. After ~ all, the staying power the the Gallaghers has never to be their ability to evolve, but rather come cope. Now that there have been some far-reaching changes for few of the characters, will certainly the family members still stay the well-oiled mechanism of chaos that we all know and also love?