For windows to start, the system and also boot partitions need to contain the files detailed in Table-4.

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Table-4 windows Startup Files

File NameDisk LocationDescriptionBootMgrRoot of the mechanism partitionThe home windows Boot Manager.WinLoad%SystemRoot%\\System32The home windows Boot Loader.BCD\\BootA paper that states the paths to operating mechanism installations and other information compelled for windows to start.Ntoskrnl.exe%SystemRoot%\\System32The main point (also called the kernel) of the windows operating system. Code that runsas part of the kernel does therefore in privileged processor mode and also has direct accessibility to mechanism data and also hardware.Hal.dll%SystemRoot%\\System32The HAL dynamic-link library (DLL) file. The HAL abstracts low-level hardware detailsfrom the operating system and also provides a common programming user interface to tools of the same type (such as video clip adapters).Smss.exe%SystemRoot%\\System32The conference Manager file. Conference Manager is a user-mode procedure created by the kernelduring startup. It handles an essential startup tasks including creating page files and performing delayed file rename and delete operations.Csrss.exe%SystemRoot%\\System32The Win32 Subsystem file. The Win32 Subsystem is started by conference Manager and also is required by home windows to function.Winlogon.exe%SystemRoot%\\System32The Logon procedure file, which handle user logon requests and intercepts the Ctrl+Alt+Delete logon key sequence. TheLogon process is started by conference Manager. This is a compelled feature.Services.exe%SystemRoot%\\System32The company Control Manager is responsible for starting and avoiding services and is a required feature of Windows.Lsass.exe%SystemRoot%\\System32The regional Security Authentication Server procedure is referred to as by the Logon process when authenticating users and is a forced feature.System registry file%SystemRoot%\\System32 \\Config\\SystemThe record that includes data offered to produce the registry vital HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM.This key contains info that the operating mechanism requires to start devices and also system services.Device drivers%SystemRoot%\\System32 \\DriversDriver records in this folder space for hardware devices, such as keyboard, mouse, and video.
In Table-4, the term %SystemRoot% is one of many environment variables offered toassociate wire values, such as folder or paper paths, to variables that windows applications andservices use.

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For example, by using setting variables, scripts have the right to run without modificationon computers that have different configurations. To acquire a list of atmosphere variables thatyou have the right to use for troubleshooting, form set in ~ the windows command prompt.

In this tutorial:

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