What"s the Difference between the 2017 dodge Charger SE vs the 2017 evade Charger SXT?

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Since the name very first appeared in 1964, the dodge Charger has actually been developed as a subcompact hatchback, full-size sedan, and luxury coupe spread out in six manufacturing cycles. Currently in its seventh production cycle, the Charger is reimaged as a full-size sedan that mostly takes style cues native the pony auto body style. The Charger is one of the few large cars that matches performance v affordability, and nowhere in the trim line-up is that an ext evident than its base-level SE and SXT variants.


How go the evade Charger SE and also SXT Perform?

With the 2017 dodge Charger SE or SXT, you gain an engine that"s efficient enough for acceleration or merging right into traffic. In ~ the front is the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine, i beg your pardon manufacturer Chrysler place on a lot of its vehicles. The Pentastar sporting a compact, lightweight design produces 292 horsepower and also 260 lb-ft that torque. It is hitched come the TorqueElite 8-speed automatic infection for gear shifting convenience. A rear-wheel drivetrain is obtainable for an evening out the Charger"s weight from front to back, because the engine is inserted at the front and the propelled wheels space the rear ones. Together a result, power is considerably improved; for example, fuel economic situation is measured in ~ 19 mpg in the city and 30 mpg ~ above the highway. Also though the various other drivetrain an option (all-wheel drive) autumn those numbers to 18 mpg and also 27 mpg, respectively, it has actually the benefit of magnified traction on less-than-favorable steering surfaces.

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The 2017 evade Charger SE and also SXT is among only 2 cars in the full-size sedan course to sell rear-wheel drive, rather of the more common front-wheel drive. In addition to far better fuel efficiency, the rear-wheel-drive enhances handling, due to the fact that the weight distribution is closer to 50/50. By contrast, front-wheel-drive vehicles include weight to the prior of the vehicle; the driven wheels space the former ones, i beg your pardon are located in the very same area as the engine. The 2017 Charger likewise has considerable cornering ability, thanks to the rack-and-pinion steering, and the suspension independent MacPherson struts in the front, five-link style in the earlier stem a lot of the disturbance from rougher terrain. Also worthy of cite are all-speed traction manage to keep the tires top top the control surface, electronic stability control to prevent skidding or shedding command the the Charger, electronic roll mitigation come combat wheel lift, and also hill begin assists to stop the vehicle from rojo backward once shifting native park come drive.


What space The starting MSRP for the Charger SE and also SXT Trim?

Compared to its peers, the 2017 evade Charger has actually a low starting manufacturer"s suggested retail price (MSRP). The SE has actually a beginning MSRP that $27,995, and it counts a twin exhaust, far keyless entry, and also a 6-way power-adjustable driver"s seat among its traditional features. In ~ $29,995, the SXT?s beginning MSRP is $200 more. It includes the following enhancements or enhancements: remote start, dual-zone automatically climate control, front-seat heating capability, Bluetooth connectivity, an 8.4-inch touchscreen audio device with apologize CarPlay and Android Auto, and also 8-way strength adjustability and also a 4-way strength lumbar adjuster because that the driver"s seat.

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MSRP excludes destination, taxes, title, and registration fees. Beginning at MSRP refers to the base model, optional tools not included. Pricing and also offers may readjust at any kind of time without notification. To get full pricing details, view your dealer.

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All numbers are EPA estimates. Really mileage may vary.