The term post-time in steed racing has numerous connotations, every one of which are regarded each other. For you etymologists out there, the expression post time originates from the Latin word ponere, which indicates to place.

Therefore, in terms of horse racing, it refers to the posting (or placing) of the entries at the founding allude of the race.

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 Rick Fortenbaugh

The first point write-up time deserve to describe is simply the reserved founding time of a race. This is self-explanatory and also bettors will have no problem finding out the short article times for races either through the public resolve device or boards that show up around the track.

A second definition for post-time refers to the exact minute once all the entries have to be in the starting gate and prepared to race. In various other words, it's the last step before the race gets undermethod.

A third definition for article time comes to betting. Once a race reaches short article time, no more bets are allowed to me made on the race. For bettors that are still trying to comprise their minds, knowing the article time is important.

This deserve to be even more important when a lot of late money comes in on the race and drastically transforms the odds on a horse from wright here they were earlier in the day. As such, it's the post-time odds that count once it concerns calculating payouts. 

As a general dominance of thumb, it's commonly thought about a great idea to make your bet at least 10 minutes before write-up time. If you are horse betting digital you could desire to perform it even earlier because periodically you can't be sure when the website or app could cut off wagering and reject your bet. 

Tbelow are numerous other ways in horse racing and also betting in which the word "post'' shows up. This contains past posting, which is additionally recognized as late betting.

Making a bet after article time is illegal and was regularly a major trouble in the past before the development of a lot even more advanced interaction modern technology.

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In the "old'' days once the outcomes of races were released in a slower fashion, at times it was possible to cheat by betting on the outcome of a race that had actually currently been completed. The term previous posting stems from steed racing when a bugler would play a contact to the short article right before article time. Any bets made after that time are therefore past the short article.

Words "post'' also appears in two various other means in horse racing. A post-parade is when horses leave their stalls and continue alengthy the track to the beginning gate. A postplace refers to where a steed is placed in the founding gate.