1. In Gilligan’s article, the instance of Heinz entails which crime (Points : 1)

theft killing arson racketeering

Question 2. 2. What does Noddings say about women’s feelings about the death of the body? (Points : 1)

Women, much more than anyone, simply want to know that the spirit of their child has actually gone to sky Women recognize the preciousness that the body due to the fact that they develop them and also care because that them Women room happy no to have to deal with the messiness that dead bodies guys tend to be more sensitive to the fatality of the body since they room the persons that need to risk their own lives in war

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Question 3. 3. Gilligan cases that females often tend to watch relationships together these (Points : 1)

hierarchies webs rules duties

Question 4. 4. Which answer finest describes Noddings’s statements about how mothers frequently to feel around losing their children in war? (Points : 1)

Mothers remainder assured that the deaths that their kids was fully justified by the great they did in the battle Mothers often permit their desire to show patriotism to override their organic opposition come war and also the fatality of their youngsters Mothers universally oppose war and the fatality of children that that inevitably bring Mothers room generally an ext enthusiastic for battle than everyone else due to the fact that they know it will certainly make the civilization safer because that future generations

Question 5. 5. In Gilligan’s example, the child called Amy concentrates on this element of the Heinz dilemma (Points : 1)

the reasonable nature the the problem a utilitarian calculus that weighs the alternatives Kohlberg’s theory of moral advance the relationships affiliated in the dilemma

Question 6. 6. How have actually historians had tendency to treat commonly male tendencies versus commonly female tendencies? (Points : 1)

Historians value female tendencies much more highly because it is childbearing and childrearing that permit the group to endure Female traditions have been emphasized since they reflect keep aesthetic refinement and sophistication male tendencies, like mathematics, warfare, and even singing have been prized much more highly No correlation has been discovered at all between criminal violence and childhood abuse

Question 7. 7. What go Noddings have to say around essentialism about gender? (Points : 1)

It is the clearly false view that men and also women have essences the is problematic since it has been connected with creation and also because the has constantly favored males end females It incorrectly assumes that God could not have actually made us in means that to be contrary to our ‘essential nature’ culture is irrelevant; every one of our behaviors are innate

Question 8. 8. What does Noddings say about male matches female language when opposing war? (Points : 1)

Women are more likely to end up being emotional fairly than reasonable when mentioning such problem Women and men use roughly the same types of language when stating the fear of fatality Men are more likely to speak in the abstract about violence; women are an ext likely to refer to their very own hands ~ above in helping victims of violence women feel that language is irrelevant; that is actions that count

Question 9. 9. Held uses this example to talk about the politics distinctions that separate men and also women in the worlds of the public and also the exclusive (Points : 1)

a organization man going the end for cocktails a mother nursing her boy a city planner emerging a structure a mommy homeschooling her children

Question 10. 10. What, according to Noddings, perform male thinkers tend come say about death (as opposed to women)? (Points : 1)

Men are much more brave in the confront of fatality than women since of their organic courageousness fatality tends to be harder ~ above men as result of their attachments come the glory of this civilization Women are an ext able to permit their belief in the immortality overcome your aversion to fatality Male philosophers frequently talk as though the people or reason and also abstraction is exceptional to the physical civilization of the body

Question 11. 11. This is the surname of being mindful of one’s figure in relation to position, light, who is watching, etc. (Points : 1)

habitual body security self-awareness anorexia depression

Question 12. 12. In the video clip “Sexism in the News Media 2012” part newscasters blame army women for this (Points : 1)

being eliminated in combat being raped no being able to have youngsters being battle heroes

Question 13. 13. This is one means that men can contribute to the destruction of sexual objectification of ladies (Points : 1)

they can be type to females they deserve to tell women that they are attractive they have the right to stop seeking attention they deserve to stop assessing women based on their looks

Question 14. 14. According come Held, feminist theories of me (Points : 1)

pit humans against one another in competition said the separation, personal, instance to universal humankind examine what it means to be a woman in a horrific male-dominated people see the me as associated to specific humans in relationship

Question 15. 15. Held insurance claims that this abstract ide has guided the development of Western principles (Points : 1)

The man of factor The feminist woman The son of love The mom of care

Question 16. 16. According come Held, the following have to be aligned through femininity in the history of Western believed (Points : 1)

emotion weak passion all of the above

Question 17. 17. In Held’s article, a thinker called Annette Baier cases that the history of Western ethical thought does no take right into account feminine facets because (Points : 1)

The an excellent moral thinkers were guys who had little intimate communication with women. The great moral philosophers were frequently loving husbands. The an excellent moral thinkers hated women. The an excellent moral theorists

Question 18. 18. Feminist ethics is based roughly which the the following principles (Points : 1)

That summary universal values can be applied to most situations to find the finest action. The maximizing something like pleasure or pleasure is the best way to overview action. That emotions deserve to be cultivated and also ought to be taken into account in ethical theory. That all humans are autonomous individuals who fight for resources.

Question 19. 19. According to Colin Stokes, in this film every the heroic, wise, and villainous characters are woman (Points : 1)

The small Mermaid Star battles The wizard of Oz Les Miserables

Question 20.

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20. This is the surname for prostitute in India who have been dedicated to a woman goddess (Points : 1)

Hindus Hiermala Devadasi Sangli