Ah, harvest time, top top the fall equinox, once the day and night room equal, that feels prefer you can take a deep sigh after ~ a liven season in the sunshine. The days may start cultivation darker soon but for now, us celebrate the fruit of our labors.

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We aren’t farmers and only amateur gardeners, however this time the year has constantly resonated through us therefore strongly. Perhaps because our fairytale hill wedding took location on the 1st day that fall and we acquired to celebrate through our loved ones after lot preparation and long distance dating.

When we first started blogging about our married life adventures in Sweden we wrote under a much various name than this. That was dubbed “Tales of Sheaves” and on a beautiful late summer job in Sweden we collection out v a basket complete of produce and a sickle to take part photos in a ar of golden wheat to shot to record the significance of Sheaves.


First of all, sheaves space bundles that grain, reaped and bound together at harvest time once summer is giving method to autumn. Farmers have done this in different ways end the years but we are many fond the the old-fashioned way of tying the plants up in a bundle approximately the middle.
It was the old folk song “Bringing In The Sheaves” influenced by Psalm 126: 5-6 that gave us the impetus for our surname and meaning behind it. Come us, Sheaves will constantly be a price of the harvest that sowing, hoping, weeping, rejoicing, and the reaping the dreaming.

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“Sowing in the sunshine, sowing in the shadows,Fearing no clouds no one winter’s chilling breeze;By and by the harvest, and also the job ended,We chandelier come rejoicing, pass in the sheaves.”



Think the a farmers life…planting seed with tough labor, hoping because that a an excellent season, weeping when things don’t go together expected, but rejoicing as soon as the chop is all set for harvest. Come us, the is HOPE. That is DREAMING. The is LIFE. The is SHEAVES!
Essentially our tears, hardships, and trials room the tears that water ours “seeds” the will one day blossom into a harvest the rejoicing. Frequently in the middle of our struggles it’s hard to watch a factor for it, it’s hard to discover the hope. But likewise so often we deserve to look ago at our hard times during a season that rejoicing and also see the an excellent fruit of our hard labors…and oh how much sweeter the fruit is then!

We expect this motivates you, that also if right now you’re in a season that weeping that quickly you’ll be reaping that bountiful autumn harvest.

Bye because that Now,-Lindsay & Jonas

P.S. Here’s a few photos indigenous a couple of summers later in Sweden!

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