A journal written by frontier settlers will most likely not point out Manifest Destiny much. This was an idea that permeated policy, yet it was rarely openly stated, especially amongst common people. However, the newspaper is most likely to mention some ideas related to Manifest Destiny, such together the superiority of west culture.

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A journal of this type is additionally likely to cite how life to be at the "frontier" and how American ind struggled to store their lands. It would additionally outline the an overwhelming situations that inhabitants faced, such together being alone, being exhausted and being struck by aboriginal Americans.

Probably this journal would talk about the prominence of the Manifest Destiny because that the Union, and how the settlers were managing the indigenous Americans.


Manifest Destiny was an ideology based upon territorial expansion. After the American Revolution, the settlers started to go beyond the Apalache mountains to promote civilization and also built the nation. To support this ideology, Manifest Destiny claimed that colonization was a God"s desire, and also the settlers were destined to lug civilization, and Christianity come the native Americans. However, the massacre of numerous tribes and also the devastation of plenty of Native American societies is one of the saddles point out of Manifest Destiny.

what problems were like during travels

where Manifest Destiny take it place


The Manifest Destiny is a phrase and idea that expresses the belief that the United states of America is a nation destined to increase from the Atlantic coasts to the Pacific. This idea is additionally used by supporters to justify various other territorial acquisitions. The supporters of this ideology believe that the growth is not only good, but also obvious (manifest) and accurate. This ideology could be summary in the phrase: "By the magnificent or God"s Authority". The phrase happened to become a doctrine over time.

A journal composed by frontier settlers would most likely talk around survival and the world (Native Americans) that lived top top the land before settlers began the move westward.
A journal created by frontier settlers would most most likely tell girlfriend "what conditions were like throughout travels" Manifest Destiny was much more of a general idea, not something questioned by settlers on a everyday basis.

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