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CCNA 4 chapter 1 test Answers 2020

1.A little company with 10 employees uses a single LAN come share information in between computers. Which type of link to the internet would be appropriate for this company?

private specialized lines through their local organization providera dialup connection that is offered by their local telephone business providerVirtual personal Networks that would allow the agency to attach easily and also securely v employeesa broadband service, such as DSL, with their local organization provider*

2. I beg your pardon network script will need the usage of a WAN?

Employees require to affix to the corporate email server with a VPN when traveling.*Employees in the branch office must share documents with the headquarters office the is situated in a separate structure on the same campus network.Employees require to accessibility web pages the are held on the corporate net servers in the DMZ within their building.Employee workstations require to achieve dynamically assigned IP addresses.

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3. Which statement describes a characteristics of a WAN?

A WAN operates in ~ the same geographic scope of a LAN, yet has serial links.A WAN provides end-user network connectivity to the campus backbone.WAN networks are owned by organization providers.*All serial links are considered WAN connections.

4. What are two common varieties of circuit-switched WAN technologies? (Choose two.)


5. Which two devices are essential when a digital leased heat is provided to administer a connection between the customer and the service provider? (Choose two.)

dialup modemaccess serverDSU*Layer 2 switchCSU*

6. What is a necessity of a connectionless packet-switched network?

Full addressing info must be carried in every data packet.*A online circuit is created for the expression of the packet delivery.The network predetermines the route for a packet.Each packet has to bring only an identifier.

7. What is an benefit of packet-switched an innovation over circuit-switched technology?

Packet-switched networks carry out not call for an expensive permanent link to each endpoint.Packet-switched networks can efficiently use multiple routes inside a service provider network.*Packet-switched networks are much less susceptible come jitter 보다 circuit-switched networks are.Packet-switched networks commonly experience reduced latency 보다 circuit-switched networks experience.

8. A new corporation demands a data network that have to meet certain requirements. The network must carry out a low cost link to sales human being dispersed over a big geographical area. I beg your pardon two species of WAN framework would meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

private infrastructurepublic infrastructure*satelliteInternet*dedicated

9. What is a lengthy distance fiber-optic media technology that support both SONET and SDH, and also assigns just arrive optical signal to specific wavelengths the light?


10. What room two usual high-bandwidth fiber-optic media standards? (Choose two.)


11. Which WAN modern technology is cell-based and well suited to carry voice and video traffic?


12. I beg your pardon two technologies use the PSTN network to carry out an web connection? (Choose two.)

MPLSATMdialup*Frame RelayISDN*

13. A firm needs come interconnect number of branch offices across a urban area. The network engineer is search a systems that gives high-speed converged traffic, consisting of voice, video, and data top top the exact same network infrastructure. The agency also wants easy integration to their existing LAN framework in their office locations. Which an innovation should be recommended?

Frame RelayISDNVSATEthernet WAN*

14. Which equipment can carry out Internet access to remote areas where no constant WAN services are available?

WiMAXVSAT*Ethernetmunicipal Wi-Fi

15. Which WAN an innovation establishes a dedicated continuous point-to-point connection in between two sites?

ATMFrame RelayISDNleased lines*

16. A customer demands a city area WAN connection that gives high-speed, specialized bandwidth between two sites. Which type of WAN connection would best fulfill this need?

MPLSEthernet WAN*circuit-switched networkpacket-switched network

17. Which function is offered when connecting to the web using DSL?


18. I beg your pardon connectivity technique would be ideal for a that company employee who works from home two work a week, but needs secure accessibility to interior corporate databases?


19. Which wireless technology provides Internet access through moving networks?

LTE*municipal WiFisatelliteWiMAX

20. A residence user lives within 10 mile (16 kilometers) of the internet provider network. Which type of technology provides high-speed broadband company with wireless accessibility for this home user?

municipal Wi-FiDSLWiMAX*802.11

21. What is the recommended an innovation to usage over a windy WAN infrastructure when a branch office is linked to the corporate site?

VPN*ATMISDNmunicipal Wi-Fi

22. What can cause a palliation in easily accessible bandwidth ~ above a cable broadband connection?

committed info ratenumber of subscribers*distance indigenous the main office that the providersmaller cells

23. Which equipment is needed for an ISP to provide Internet relationships through cable service?

access serverCMTS*CSU/DSUDSLAM

24. Which geographical scope need would be considered a spread WAN scope?


25. A corporation is trying to find a solution to attach multiple, newly established remote branch offices. Which consideration is vital when selecting a private WAN connection rather than a windy WAN connection?

higher data transmission ratelower costdata security and also confidentiality throughout transmission*website and paper exchange business support

26. Inquiry as presented:


27. Concern as presented:

Older Version

28. What room two structured engineering principles important for successful implementation that a network design? (Choose two.)


quality of serviceresiliency *modularity *securityavailability

29. What is vital first consideration when beginning to architecture a network?

access securitytype of applicationssize that the network*protocols to it is in used

30. I m sorry two devices would generally be found at the accessibility layer that the ordered enterprise LAN architecture model? (Choose two.)

access point*firewallLayer 2 switch*Layer 3 devicemodular switch

31. In i beg your pardon layer of the ordered enterprise LAN style model would PoE because that VoIP phones and accessibility points it is in considered?

access*coredata linkdistributionphysical

32. Refer to the exhibit. Which form of Cisco hierarchical LAN style model is supplied at institution site 1?


3 layer7 layertwo-tier fell down core*three-tier

33. In a ordered network design, which layers may be combined into a collapsed core for smaller networks?

core and accesscore and distribution*distribution and accesscore, distribution, and access

34. The network architecture for a college through users at 5 sites is gift developed. Where in the campus network design would servers provided by all individuals be located?

access-distributiondata center*enterprise edgeservices

35. What is one benefit to developing networks in building block fashion for huge companies?

failure isolation*increased network accessibility timemobilityredundancy

36. A network engineer wants to redesign the wireless network and also make usage of wireless network controllers that control the countless deployed wireless accessibility points. In which network style module of the campus network architecture would the central wireless network controllers be found?

access-distributiondata centerenterprise edgeservices*

37. Which network module is the an essential component that a campus design?

access-distribution module*services moduledata centerenterprise edge

38. Which method in networking allows for network changes, upgrades, or the advent of new services in a controlled and also staged fashion?

borderlessstaticmodular*network module

39. Describe the exhibit. Which form of ISP connectivity to the company provider sheet is being used by firm A?



40. Which three network architectures have actually been presented by Cisco to resolve the emerging technology challenges developed by the evolving company models? (Choose three.)

Cisco Borderless*Cisco companies EdgeCisco Data Center*Cisco companies CampusCisco Collaboration*Cisco enterprise Branch

41. I m sorry layer of the Cisco Collaboration style contains combined communications and conference software program such as Cisco WebEx Meetings, WebEx Social, Cisco Jabber, and also TelePresence?

applications and also devices*enterprise WANservices moduleservice provider edge

42. I beg your pardon Cisco modern technology allows diverse network devices to connect securely, reliably, and seamlessly to companies network resources?

building distributionCisco AnyConnect*enterprise edgeservice provider edge

43. What is creating a new an obstacle for IT departments by changing the border the the enterprise network?

company-owned desktopsaccess layer switchingtablets*energy costs

44. Which network design functions with a mix of modern technologies that include wired, wireless, security, and more?

Cisco companies CampusCisco enterprise BranchCisco Borderless*Cisco enterprise Edge

45. I m sorry network architecture combines individual components to carry out a an extensive solution allowing people come cooperate and contribute come the production of something?

Cisco enterprise Campus ArchitectureCisco companies Branch ArchitectureCisco Borderless Network ArchitectureCisco participation Architecture*

46. Fill in the blank.Reducing the intricacy of network style by splitting a network right into smaller locations is an instance of a hierarchical network model.

47. Fill in the blank. Use the abbreviation.Under the Cisco enterprise Edge module, the submodule that provides remote access including authentication and IPS appliances is the VPN and remote access submodule.

48. To fill in the blank.Reducing the complexity of network design by splitting a network right into smallerareas is an instance of a ” hierarchical ” network model.​

49. Complement the layer to the matching device. (Not all choices are used.)


Place the alternatives in the adhering to order:– no scored – 

core -> high-speed switchesaccess -> class 2 switchesdistribution -> layer 3 switches

50. Match the submodule come the exactly Cisco Enterprise architecture module. (Not all alternatives are used.)


Place the options in the adhering to order:Cisco companies Campus<+> campus core <+> structure distribution <+> data centerCisco companies Edge<#> VPN and also remote access <#> DMZ <#> e-commerce

51. What room two the the height trends that affect network design design? (Choose two.)

Internet securityinternal protection attacksspeed of web connectivitycloud computing*BYOD*

52. Why would a firm want network engineers to adhere to structured design principles when making networks?

The resiliency of a network depends on being able to modify parts of the network, add services, or increase network capacity without adding new hardware devices.The network is not supposed to remain easily accessible under abnormal problems such as too much traffic loads or denial-of-service events.

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The network can be conveniently designed since of the separation the the various functions that exist top top a network right into modules.*A ordered network version is a useful high-level device for developing a reliable network infrastructure, return it boosts the complexity of network design.

53. Describe the exhibit. 

Which Cisco Enterprise architecture module is shown?

campus infrastructureenterprise campus*enterprise edgeremoteservice provider edge

54. What function is much more important in ~ the main point layer 보다 at any type of other hierarchical network style layer?

easy access of finish devicesaggregation that network linksQoS classification and markingdata securitypacket switching speed*

55. I beg your pardon product corresponds to a class of the Cisco teamwork Architecture?

Mobility through Cisco MotionCisco Unified management SolutionsNetwork and Computer Infrastructure*Unified fabric Solutions

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