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What am I claimed to doWith the love I have for you?Am I an alleged to let the liveUntil you"re all set to forgive?Am I mean to pretendTill you want me ago again?What am I claimed to doTill then?How to be I supposed to feel?Should ns think the you love me still?Or am I claimed to plot justJust prefer you"re never ever coming back?Honey, am I claimed to be her friend?Oh, will we ever before meet again?Darling, oh, darlingWhat am I supposed to perform till then?What to be I supposed to sayIf by chance we satisfy someday?Am I supposed to speak a whileOr turn my head and walk top top by?This heartache can never endTill you"re in my eight againWhat to be I claimed to carry out till then?What"ll I do till then?
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