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What does an American Veteran mean to Me?

by Derek Frankhouser

American Veterans are duty models come me. They do me proud of my country. They fill me v reverence. They space a source of incentive to me. One American veteran set an honorable example for me come follow.

A veteran create in me pride for my country. I am proud to be a component of a nation that someone would respect sufficient to willingly endanger your life to defend its values. These brave persons committed themselves to keeping the ideals of our country. Simply knowing of a veteran’s dedication leads me to take into consideration how meaningful the worths of our nation truly are. As I concerned respect this American values as much as they have, I start to evaluate them more clearly. This appreciation for my country’s values renders me proud to it is in a component of it.

A veteran spur me to have reverence. Even if it is they know it or not, veterans have actually positively impacted me. Without your sacrifice, the people I know may have actually been significantly changed. Veterans were all set to dice for their cause. Many witnessed damaging things and endured incredibly strenuous situations. Every veterans and especially the honorable persons that do not continue to be with united state today have actually paid in full the high price because that freedom and the life us all know in America. Considering the enormity the what veterans have completed brings me to substantially appreciate and also admire them.

A veteran inspires me. In their days that duty, castle were urged to hit for points they hosted in the utmost importance. Today, i am in wonder that the dedication veterans organized for your cause. This feeling of wonder drives me to apply their mindset toward their responsibilities to my method of life. This mindset is to occupational hard and to no be hindered by doing what I think is right and true.

I consider veterans to it is in of the highest quality of role models. Veterans encourage me to love my country. They to fill me with great respect because that them. And finally, veterans inspire me come live a life specialized to the things I think to it is in right.

The Amvets organization in Pennsylvania urged school student to write essays about American armed forces veterans. The essay that adheres to won the first prize the $100 at Amvets write-up 19 in Lancaster, PA. That was written by Derek Frankhouser, who at the moment was a high institution sophmore in ~ Lancaster Christian college in that community.

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Derek is the nephew of bill Frankhouser of ours 603rd Squadron.