Talk-show host Wendy Williams is talk — around shoes, that is. Williams, who recently celebrated the an initial anniversary of she eponymous clothing collection ~ above homeshopping channel HSN, is adding footwear to the mix because that fall.The shoes will certainly debut on the wait Sept. 23 native 7-9 p.m ET.

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“Pumps room the workhorse that the collection,” claimed Williams around her focus on the silhouette, which has a suede collection with metallic underlay effect and leopard-hair calf version. Both 3 1/2-inch and also 4-inch heels are contained in the offering.

According to Williams, however, look at aren’t everything. “I want to make sure were comfortable for all day wear,” she said. To that end, she integrated such functions as cushioned footbeds, in enhancement to offering all formats in medium and wide widths.

Since single-sole pumps are getting momentum end platforms, stated Williams, cushioning becomes even more important. “There’s nothing in between us and also the concrete. I wanted to be more thoughtful , ” she said, noting an extra layer of padding was included to the forepart of the shoe.

Boots additionally figure right into the line, through open-toe fishing eye versions and over-the-knee looks in soft suede — a an ext fashion-forward style in the collection Williams admits may not be because that everyone.

Although she has actually her fair share of high heels, she revealed pointy-toe sneakers are among her faves, a look at she made sure to encompass in the line. “This layout speaks to me the most,” Williams said.

Like she apparel, the shoes room moderately priced, retailing indigenous $69.90 to $129.

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