Wells Fargo will certainly stop setup the sales purposes that employee say led to pressure come open countless fake client accounts. The embattled financial institution says the change, announced early on Tuesday, will certainly be effective Jan. 1.

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Wells Fargo is retreating from the Midwest.

The bank, scrambling to cut costs and dealing v a wave of scandals, announced plans Tuesday to sell every one of its branches in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Wells Fargo, the second-largest financial institution in the country, will no longer have actually a retail existence in those states.

Flagstar Bancorp, a savings and loan, is to buy the branches — 52 in all, including 4 in Wisconsin.

All told, about $2.3 billion in deposits will leave Wells Fargo. The firm said the all 490 employee will obtain offers to occupational at Flagstar.

"We stay committed to this communities," mary Mack, Wells Fargo"s head of ar banking, stated in a statement. Mack said Wells Fargo will certainly "continue to have a presence in the area" v commercial lending, wide range management and mortgage lending.

The sale contains 33 branches in Indiana, 14 in Michigan and also Wells Fargo"s just branch in Ohio, add to the four in Wisconsin.

It comes as wall surface Street pressure Wells Fargo to slash costs and as the financial institution grapples v soaring legit bills attached to the fake-accounts scandal and its countless other troubles.

Wells Fargo in-depth plans in January to traction the plug on much more than 800 branches by 2020 as more Americans do their bank online. That will certainly leave the company with around 5,000 locations.

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In February, the commonwealth Reserve fight Wells Fargo with unprecedented sanctions because that "widespread customer abuses." The Fed will protect against Wells native growing past $2 exchange rate in assets till it shows it has actually cleaned increase its act.

Wells Fargo recently indicated that it has more work to execute to satisfy regulators and that the penalties are most likely to stay in place until next year.

A Wells Fargo spokesperson stated the sale of branches in the Midwest has actually "no connection" to the Fed"s sanctions.

Flagstar said it i agreeed to salary a 7% premium because that the deposits that is acquiring. That implies a acquisition price of just under $2.5 billion. The deal is expected to nearby in the fourth quarter.

The acquisition will much more than dual the customer base of Flagstar, i beg your pardon is simply a fraction the size of Wells Fargo. The Michigan-based financial institution is valued in ~ $2 billion and has about 3,500 employees. By comparison, Wells Fargo has actually a $267 billion market value and employs about 263,000 people.

Flagstar said the branches will run as Wells Fargo places until the deal is closed. ~ that, they will certainly be rebranded as Flagstar. The bank said the plans to retain every branches and employees "at closing."

Wells Fargo has actually been reeling native scandals for nearly two years.

The financial institution has admitted that is workers opened as numerous as 3.5 million fake accounts, and also charged customers because that auto insurance castle didn"t need and also mortgage fees lock didn"t deserve. Wells Fargo has also been accused that ripping off mom-and-pop shops on credit transaction card fees.

More recently, Wells Fargo found some workers improperly transformed documents around business customers in 2017 and also early 2018. Wells Fargo additionally agreed last month to pay $480 million to put to rest insurance claims that the misled shareholders around the fake-accounts scandal.

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Correction: An earlier headline on this story said the branches to be closing. The headline has been updated come state the branches room being sold.