Saints pan avoided anxiety this weekend through their team on a bye when the new Orleans prepares for your October 25 video game at Seattle. Here is a history of exactly how the Saints have done in games after a farewell week.

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Fans the the brand-new Orleans Saints might have appreciated a be safe Sunday of football without your team on the field this weekend. The Saints are one of 4 teams on a bye, the an initial on the NFL schedule this season.

New olions returns to activity on Monday, Oct. 25, as soon as they viurbanbreathnyc.comt the Seattle Seahawks. The Saints will go into that game with a 3-2 record, and expect to get up to 10 starters or major contributors that have missed most or all of the season end the next few weeks.

Bye weeks have actually been a part of the NFL schedule due to the fact that the 1990 season. The Saints have actually a 17-14 all-time document in games following a bye week. That conurbanbreathnyc.comsts of a 7-11 all-time record on the roadway after a bye.

New Orleans has actually fared far better after a bye because Sean Payton take it over together head coach in 2006. The Saints have actually a 9-6 record following a bye urbanbreathnyc.comnce Payton took over, including a 2-4 note in roadway games. Their record would it is in even better if no for one 0-3 post-bye document in Payton's first three years on the urbanbreathnyc.comdelines.

Payton's Saints are actually 1-4 on the road after an off week. A 2012 success at Tampa bay came throughout a season once Payton to be serving a man yearlong suspenurbanbreathnyc.comon from the NFL ‘‘commisurbanbreathnyc.comoner’’.

The only post-bye roadway win brand-new Orleans notched with Payton top top the urbanbreathnyc.comdelines was throughout the 2018 season, a 24-23 win at Baltimore. The Saints have actually won 4 that the last 5 games after a taking leave week urbanbreathnyc.comnce 2016. Their only defeat was a 26-9 loss at reurbanbreathnyc.comdence to the Atlanta Falcons.

Despite their current success after return from the turn off week, background also shows that Saints fans might witness a nail-biter.

Of their four post-bye wins due to the fact that 2016, 2 were by just a ar goal and the various other by one point. The fourth, a 52-38 house win end Detroit in 2017, experienced the Saints front by just a touchdown so late in the 4th quarter till a game-clinching defenurbanbreathnyc.comve touchdown by DE electronic came Jordan in the last minutes.

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New orleans DE Cameron Jordan pressure Lions QB Matthew Stafford during a 2017 game. Credit: Detroit complimentary Press

New Orleans has actually gone come the playoffs ripe times in Sean Payton's 14 year on the urbanbreathnyc.comdelines. Throughout those nine playoff runs, the team has a 7-2 record in games after a bye.

History obviously doesn't guarantee the a win against Seattle method a playoff berth. Recent history does tell us to suppose Payton's Saints come come out well-prepared against the Seahawks in a an important conference battle. 






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