It to be a wild mainly 3 in the NFL, with large blowouts and nail-biters all approximately the league. It it s okay even far better in main 4 with a totality lot much more of those big-time matchups comes our way. The activity starts top top Thursday Night Football, together heated rivals Baltimore and also Pittsburgh walk head come head in ~ Heinz Field. Check out on together we take it a look at every the other games on deck for Week 4 of the 2015 NFL Season.

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Grab all the details you can get on the large prime-time games this weekend. Inspect out Sunday Night Football’s Cowboys vs. Saints and also Monday Night Football’s Lions vs. Seahawks.

2015 NFL main 4 Picks

Thursday, October 1

Baltimore Ravens (-2.5) in ~ Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5)


A leaky happen defense has actually the Baltimore Ravens in a 0-3 hole to start off this season. They allowed 734 yards and six touchdowns in their past two games combined. The good news is the they’ll challenge an undermanned Steelers formation that’s missing stars Ben Roethlisberger (left knee) and Martavis Bryant (suspension).

Michael Vick have to fill-in well enough for the injured Roethlisberger after going 5 for 6 because that 38 yards in a 12-6 win over St. Luigi in week 3. Meanwhile, the Ravens can exploit Pittsburgh’s leaky secondary. The Joe Flacco-Steve blacksmith Sr. Connection has been deadly the past two games, connecting ~ above 23 passes for 336 yards and also two touchdowns.

Writer’s prediction: The Ravens sheathe -2.5 to get their very first win that the season.

Sunday, October 4

New York jet (-1.5) at Miami dolphins (+1.5)

The Miami dolphins dropped your last 2 games against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars and also the Buffalo Bills. But quarterback Ryan Tannehill might have discovered his go-to receiver. Rishard Matthews has been splendid the previous two weeks with 12 receptions because that 228 yards and also two touchdowns. He’ll have a tough matchup front of the in the new York Jets’ secondary, though. The jet are permitting 192 yards passing every game, great for 4th in the league this season.

Writer’s prediction: Matthews make part timely captures as he help Miami (+1.5) an episode of the slump.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+9) at Indianapolis Colts (-9)

Defending AFC south champs the Indianapolis Colts survived a 35-33 nail-biter against Tennessee. Andrew lucky threw 2 fourth-quarter touchdowns and also Frank Gore punched in a six-yard operation to take it an eight-point lead with 2:51 left. The Colts permitted a last-second touchdown, however the Titans failed on a two-point conversion to pressure overtime and eventually shed the match.

Luck and also the Colts are in another crucial divisional game, this time versus the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. The Indianapolis quarterback has a favorable matchup versus Jacksonville’s 26th-ranked pass defense, i m sorry is allowing 283 yards per game this season.

Writer’s prediction: The Colts acquire off come a fast start, but garbage time production enables the Jaguars come cover +9.

Houston Texans (+6.5) in ~ Atlanta Falcons (-6.5)


Houston’s to run game finally got going together Alfred Blue rushed for 139 yards and a score ~ above 31 dead this past weekend. Having Blue eat chunks off the clock could assist the Texans see much less of Atlanta’s happen offense. Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan threw because that 285 yards and also two scores last week in Dallas. Broad receiver Julio Jones has actually been fairly the playmaker himself, leading the league with 440 yards through three games. The has four touchdown receptions for this reason far.

Writer’s prediction: Jones wreaks havoc on Houston’s secondary. The Falcons cover -6.5 comfortably.

Carolina Panthers (-3) in ~ Tampa bay Buccaneers (+3)

There’s the camer Newton us all know and also love. The Carolina quarterback describe his dual-threat abilities versus the Saints in main 3. He perfect 20 that 31 passes because that 315 yards and two touchdowns and also even scampered because that a 13-yard score in the 4th quarter. Newton could have a big day v the air against Tampa bay in main 4. The Bucs have allowed six passing touchdowns this year, third-most in the league.

The Bucs go pretty okay in their Week 3 matchup against Houston, totaling 318 yards that offense. However special teams gaffes had actually them ~ above the losing end of a 19-9 game. Kicker Kyle Brindza missed three of four field goals and also an extra allude attempt. It is a great 10 points turn off the board that could’ve leveled the game or offered Tampa Bay some momentum.

Writer’s prediction: Newton has actually a monster game as he leader a Panthers (-3) blowout.

New York Giants (+6) in ~ Buffalo bills (-6)

Who would’ve thought that Tyrod Taylor would be the fifth-best quarterback in the league — he has actually the fifth-best passer rating (116.1) only behind Carson Palmer, Tom Brady, Andy Dalton and also Aaron Rodgers — after Baltimore didn’t renew his contract because that the 2015 season. Taylor to be solid in a blowout versus Miami last week, throwing for 277 yards and three touchdowns.

And that looks choose Taylor will be left unshackled by a Giants defense that allows 326.7 yards passing every game, second-worst in the NFL. But the Giants deserve to fire ago with Eli Manning, who’ll have a bunch of weapons at his disposal. Odell Beckham Jr. And also Reuben Randle are solid in their own rights, however the return the Victor Cruz will further solidify the Giants’ receiving corps.

Writer’s prediction: The Bills success the shootout, yet the Giants cover +6.

Oakland Raiders (-3) in ~ Chicago bear (+3)


Oakland has actually a trio of young weapons who can turn out to it is in the foundation of that is offense. Quarterback Derek Carr threw because that 314 yards and also two touchdowns; large receiver Amari Cooper totaled 134 yards on eight catches; running back Latavius Murray ran because that 139 yards and also a score; and the Raiders to win Cleveland 27-20 top top the roadway in mainly 2. The trio deals with a leaky Chicago D this coming weekend, one that’s permitting 35 points per game.

Meanwhile, Chicago’s offense will remain as horrible as that is to begin the season as lengthy as Jay Cutler stays out. Backup Jimmy Clausen went 9 because that 17 for 63 sad yards in a 26-0 loss to the Seahawks.

Writer’s prediction: It’s funny to pick on Chicago, right? Oakland’s young weapons do just sufficient for the Raiders to cover -3.

Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) in ~ Washington Redskins (1:00 afternoon ET)

The Washington Redskins may gain picked top top by lot of of naysayers as soon as again after a 32-21 loss versus the brand-new York Giants. But they have a great chance because that an upset in week 4 if they have the right to win the fight in the trenches on both political parties of the ball. The Redskins have actually the third-best rushing defense this season, allowing just 75 yards per game; they additionally have the fourth-best rushing offense (144 yards every game).

Washington’s pair of to run backs has actually been solid. Alfred Morris has rushed because that 199 yards on 49 carries this season, if Matt Jones has 189 yards and also two scores on 36 carries.

Writer’s prediction: The Redskins (+3.5) run roughshod end the visiting Eagles.

Kansas City Chiefs (+3.5) at Cincinnati Bengals (-3.5)

Finally! The Kansas City Chiefs now have a touchdown reception by a wide receiver for the first time due to the fact that Week 14 that the 2013 season. Offseason salvation Jeremy Maclin hauled in a five-yard litter from Alex smith in the 4th quarter. The two connected on a 61-yarder later on as Maclin finished v 141 yards on eight catches.

Maclin should be able to carve v a Cincinnati secondary, which enabled 362 pass yards versus Baltimore. The Bengals could also do some damage through the waiting after seeing Kansas City permit 325 yards and five touchdowns to Aaron Rodgers top top Monday night. Andy Dalton passed for 383 yards and also three touchdowns through an interception in a 28-24 roadway win against Baltimore in main 3.

Writer’s prediction: The Chiefs covering +3.5 and finally obtain one back on the victory column.

Cleveland Browns (+8) at san Diego Chargers (-8)

Don’t psychic the “Johnny” chants that rang inside of FirstEnergy stadion this past Sunday. Josh McCown was pretty hard in his very own right in a 27-20 loss to the Oakland Raiders. McCown passed for 341 yards through two touchdowns and also one interception, but was likewise sacked 5 times. He could struggle to gain significant yardage against a tough San Diego defense that has enabled just 189 yards passing per game, 3rd in the league.

The Chargers will be amped increase after shedding back-to-back games heading into this week 4 showdown in ~ Qualcomm Stadium. Philip Rivers has struggled to obtain it going, throwing 4 interceptions already to just 5 TDs v the an initial three main of the season. But a home game may it is in what he requirements to beat his usual solid self. The Chargers room 7-3 in your last 10 gamings at home.

Writer’s prediction: The Chargers must take this game, but they won’t be able to pull far for more than a touchdown. The Browns cover +8.

Green only Packers (-8.5) at mountain Francisco 49ers (+8.5)


The green Bay Packers are off come a roaring start this season. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers came to be just the second quarterback after Peyton Manning in 2013 to throw for 10+ touchdowns in the first three gamings of the season. That threw because that 333 yards and five touchdowns in the Packers’ 38-28 Monday Night Football success over the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Packers are in quite a predicament this time around. They’re not as solid on the road, walking 5-5 SU/ATS in your last 10 far from Lambeau Field. They likewise lost their last 4 games against the mountain Francisco 49ers. If the Niners are to have actually a shooting of an uncomfortable or at least avoid gift blown out, they’ll have to gain running back Carlos Hyde going.

Hyde rushed because that 168 yards and two touchdowns on 26 dead in his an initial home game this year. That ran for 94 yards top top 28 carries and also no score in his two gamings on the roadway since.

Writer’s prediction: san Francisco won’t be the team to sluggish down Rodgers and also the Packers. Green just covers -8.5, acquisition a comfortable 10-point victory.

Minnesota Vikings (+7) in ~ Denver Broncos (-7)

Adrian Peterson looked to be back in his vintage form in a 31-14 success over the mountain Diego Chargers, rushing because that 126 yards and two touchdowns top top 20 carries. He’ll have a pretty solid Denver defense come play versus on Sunday, though. The Broncos are enabling just 84 yards per game, an excellent for sixth-best in the league. The Broncos additionally have Peyton Manning looking far better and better as the season progresses.

Manning threw because that 324 yards with a pair the touchdowns and also an interception versus Detroit ~ above Sunday night. The should be able to dissect a Minnesota pass defense that’s middling in the league, enabling 243 passing yards every game.

Writer’s prediction: Peterson runs hard to aid Minnesota cover +7, however not good enough to gain the success straight-up.

St. Louis Rams (+7) at Arizona Cardinals (-7)


The Rams’ violation was a mess in your 12-6 home loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers this previous Sunday. Nick Foles happen for just 197 yards v an interception, when the rest of the Rams couldn’t acquire going on the floor either. St. Louis ran for just 71 yards top top 18 carries. However their happen rush might keep them in nearby games; the Rams recently had five sacks against the Steelers.

The Arizona Cardinals put a 47-point beat down on the san Francisco 49ers on Sunday, and a trio that 30-somethings to be the bright spot for the Cards in the game. Carson Palmer (35) passed because that 311 yards through two touchdowns and also an interception; Larry Fitzgerald (32) turned back his own clock because that 134 yards and two scores on nine catches; and also Chris Johnson (30) ran because that 110 yards and also two scores on 22 carries. Castle should have actually just sufficient firepower to acquire them past the Rams in ~ home.

Writer’s prediction: St. Louis puts the clamps top top the Cardinals. The Rams cover +7.

Dallas Cowboys at brand-new Orleans Saints (8:30 afternoon ET)

Joseph Randle starred because that the Dallas Cowboys together he rushed because that 87 yards and three touchdowns against the Atlanta Falcons ~ above Sunday. But the Cowboys slowed under in the 2nd half, enabling the Falcons come rally because that the win.

Randle should have actually another big game versus a brand-new Orleans defense i m sorry has permitted 397 yards per game this season (28th in the league), especially with the Saints no longer looking invincible at house after having lost 6 straight gamings at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and having gone 0-6 against the spread in that span.

Writer’s prediction: Dallas blows the end the struggling Saints.

Monday, October 5

Detroit Lions (+10) in ~ Seattle Seahawks (-10)


A game at house in great ol’ CenturyLink ar was simply what the medical professional ordered because that the Seattle Seahawks. The defending NFC champions blew out one overmatched Chicago team 26-0 to obtain their first win of the season. Tight end Jimmy Graham finally hauled in his very first touchdown that the season, a 30-yarder native Russell Wilson in the third quarter.

Wilson and Graham need to once again have some big connections downfield versus a Detroit Lions defense that enabled 324 yards passing critical week. The Lions couldn’t prevent Peyton Manning from destructive their secondary. Top top the various other side of the ball, quarterback Matthew Stafford had actually a mistake-filled game, throwing because that 282 yards through a touchdown and two interceptions, and he likewise lost a fumble. That gets even more difficult against the Seahawks’ happen defense, which organized Chicago to just 63 pass yards top top Sunday.

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Writer’s prediction: Wilson and Graham affix for two much more touchdowns together the Seahawks (-10) blow the end the Lions.