Week one of the 2016 NFL season is behind us, and now the time to rotate to the week two. Us have more than few interesting match-ups so let’s acquire started.

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Jets vs. Bills

If the Bills got the impression that Ravens defense was strong, they are in for a large surprise in a match with Jets. Thursday Night Football will certainly be action packed as soon as these two groups clash.

Jets roster is packed v players that have the right to be explained as the NFL’s pass-rushing monsters. We observed Leonard Williams’s sacking capability against the Bengals, and it’s known just how dangerous is Muhammad Wilkerson for your quarterback. No to forget that Sheldon Richardson is make a comeback for this one.

Source: turnonthejets.comAgainst this defense, Tyrod Taylor could not have all over to run, and also with his offensive line being weakened through the absence of Cordy Glenn he is in because that a turbulent ride. With beginning tackles being Cyrus Kouandjio and also Jordan Mills, Bills could suffer heavy damage.

Our pick: new York Jets

Saints vs. Giants

Giants and also Saints are teams that officially had the worst defenses of the last season. Coming into this one, the Giants were only of the two that addressed this question. They signed what might be three top complimentary agents the the summer to an increase their protective line. The improvement was checked out in the critical week’s duel against Dallas Cowboys. Looking back at the Saints enhance of the mainly one, lock conceded 35 points. On your away video game in the huge Apple, versus the team that can rush the ball, and also has knowledgeable quarterback they are in for an ext pounding.

Our pick: NY Giants

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Dolphins vs. Patriots

Miami wasn’t taken on the simplest of schedules at the start of the season. The an initial match versus the Seahawks request flight across the entire country. ~ that go back to Miami and also then ago up to the north.

In week two they play versus the Patriots at the Gillette Stadium, where they had little to no success in the last decade. While no boasting among the league’s finest defenses brand-new England Patriots are at least on par through the Seattle Seahawks who permitted only ten points to the Dolphins.

With Jimmy Garoppolo having actually a an excellent start that his skilled career, the should find no problems versus average dolphin defense.

Our pick: brand-new England Patriots

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Cowboys vs. Redskins

Redskins didn’t present their true color in week one, gift the much better team than they were against Steelers. Countless are expecting them to bounce ago in main two. Your quarterback Kirk Cousins usually performs approximately the job at home turf, when the exact same can’t be said for rookie Cowboys QB Prescott who is not expected to have big plays in Washington.

More eyes will be ~ above rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott that is expected to star after ~ the unimpressive start to his NFL career. Much more rushing yards, much more carries, and more touchdowns room things we must see from him.

Another player that didn’t affect week one Cowboys game is Dez Bryant, who can have an ext catches versus Redskins.

This is the duel of 2 evenly matched teams, so making a pick wasn’t easy.

Our pick: Dallas Cowboys

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49ers vs. Panthers

49ers might have the glorious begin to the new season, but you do not do it be to admire by your 28-0 win. Their adversaries were the L.A. Rams for whom the quarterback is case Keenum. Needless come say the worst quarterback in the league. In the week two, they will certainly be facing camer Newton’s Panthers, who will absolutely find methods to score more than a few touchdowns. And on the other part of the field, one of the league’s finest defenses is waiting for them.

Looking earlier at the critical season, friend can notice that 49ers conveniently lost to most of the an excellent teams in the league. That have to be the case in this season too.

Our pick: Carolina Panthers

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Titans vs. Lions

Rushing game could be that the many importance because that the Titans in a match against the Lions. DeMarco Murray might be used more, and also create real difficulties for Lions secondary. Your week 2 opponent, the Lions, has nothing comparable to the main one matchup versus Vikings, so they will have actually to readjust their game plan completely.

They are playing versus the team that has scored 39 point out in the week one versus the Colts. Lions had a good start that this one and also an even far better finish come the last season. They room expected to proceed in the manner. Matthew Stafford should continue where the left off an ext than anybody else.

Our pick: Detroit Lions

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Ravens vs Browns

The present Cleveland Browns can conveniently be thought about one the the league’s worst teams. They only scored one touchdown in the mainly one, and it is evident that castle will have actually trouble scoring v the whole season. Their beginning QB Griffin III will be replaced by the veteran McCown who many think about a much better choice for starting position.

Opponents in this match, the Ravens, additionally had problem scoring, however they still controlled a win with the good defensive effort. Very same is intended in the week two game, but against the Browns, Joe Flacco will most most likely be at his best. For this reason we pick Ravens.

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Our pick: Baltimore Ravens

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Chiefs vs. Texans

Last two matches played between these two groups both finished in Chief’s favor. One of these defeats came in the playoffs while another one was simply a painful experience. Houston won’t simply stand still waiting for the 3rd one in a row to happen.