Have a Seat v Chris Hansen ~ above YouTube documents new sexual predator stings collection up by Hansen and local regulation enforcement.

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Chris Hansen return to catch Sexual Predators in Youtube
Chris Hansen is when again asking alleged sex-related predators come sit down and also have a chat, this time because that his new YouTube collection Have a Seat with Chris Hansen. An investigative reporter perhaps finest known because that his work with Dateline NBC, Hansen served as the hold of the renowned To capture a Predator shows. Working with law enforcement and also volunteer groups, Hansen would collection up "sting houses" where guys would display up to meet with who they allegedly believed to it is in a minor.

After To capture a Predator pertained to an end, Hansen would later pursue alleged sexual predators by hosting the spinoff Hansen vs. Predator because that Crime clock Daily. Debuting in 2016, the display saw Hansen confronting the accused in sting homes once again, and also videos that the segments have created tens of millions of views top top YouTube. As soon as the series ended its run in 2018, Hansen would certainly later continue his work by launching his own YouTube channel and also podcast. Weird enough, that has also teamed up through the Insane Clown Posse to expose an alleged predator in the music community.

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Now, Hansen is delivering out stings when again, this time ~ above YouTube ~ above his Have a Seat v Chris Hansen channel. The an initial episode was just uploaded this week, documenting a teamwork with the Genesse and also Shiawassee county Sheriff"s office in Michigan. As a an outcome of a one day procedure by the GHOST team, a guy named Tom confirmed up come a hotel room to meet with a girl who figured out herself as a 15-year-old. Instead, he found Hansen, who treated him through the acquainted line that questioning we"ve seen on To catch a Predator. His arrest in the hotel room is also shown in the video.

At a push conference, Hansen had talked about why it to be so crucial for legislation enforcement to carry out these kinds of investigations. "Once again, together we"ve viewed for part 16 years now, if there"s opportunity, this predators will certainly strike," Hansen explained. "It reflects that no matter exactly how much dialogue, or conversation, or awareness, these world are the end there."

Genesee ar Sheriff chris Swanson additionally chatted with Hansen around the requirement of setting up sting operations, suggesting that it"s much much more effective 보다 waiting by because that the emergency calls to come in.

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"It"s proactive. So plenty of times, agencies get into the attitude of just answering 911 calls," Swanson says, including that stings prefer this deserve to serve as a great way to let potential predators know that there"s constantly a "sheepdog" out there watching. "If people know the they could be caught, that"s a an excellent deterrent, and also that"s our goal."

Hansen also says that the at some point sting brought about several other men to the hotel room, i beg your pardon even includes a corrections officer. More interviews through the alleged predators will be uploaded to Hansen"s YouTube account in the weeks ahead. Additionally, Hansen likewise promises "more stings" to come in the future. You have the right to watch Hansen"s return to capturing predators in ~ the YouTube channel for have actually a Seat v Chris Hansen.