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The speed stages a perfectly fine prison break in “True Colors.” picking up where last week’s illustration left off, tonight’s episode opens with Warden Wolfe presenting his metahuman collection to Amunet Black, that decides she wants to buy every one of them — especially Barry due to the fact that he’s a speedster (Wolfe omits the fact that Barry’s the Flash). Being offered on the black industry is the last point Barry wants, for this reason he starts planning his escape.

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Barry scientific researches the hell the end of two batteries that stole from a guard and creates an acid that he offers to free himself and the other bus metas — Kilg%re, Becky, Dwarfstar, and also Mina — native Iron Heights’ metahuman wing. Sure, Barry would choose not to team up with the villains, however he has no various other option. Utilizing the acid once more, Barry opens a grate in the floor and they all escape right into the surbanbreathnyc.comers.

It doesn’t take Team flash too long to figure out miscellaneous fishy is walk on in ~ the prison. Wolfe tells Iris and also Cecile they can’t visit Barry since he’s in solitary confinement after getting into a fight. However Cecile reads his mind and learns what’s yes, really going on at that prison. So Team speed sets around trying to discover a method to conserve Barry prior to he falls into Amunet’s clutches. Conveniently, Ralph accidentally learns the his strength also enable him to shape-shift, and Team speed decides to put that capability to use.

As has been the instance with the past episodes, “True Colors” is partially concerned with fleshing out Ralph’s breakthrough as a hero. In ~ the beginning of the hour, Ralph receives a visit native a shady old friend that tries to lure him right into some less-than-honorable scheme, yet Ralph says no, prompting the friend to hurtfully suspicion Ralph of always letting his “friends” down. The really sticks through Ralph, and he spends most of the illustration worried he’s walking to finish up disappointing Team Flash. This display is constantly at its finest when it’s focused on what it means to it is in a hero, and that’s why Ralph’s story in this episode came to be its strongest and also most compelling aspect. The felt favor it actually mattered.

Despite his are afraid of failing, Ralph agrees come shape-shift into Warden Wolfe and organize a meeting with Amunet in order to contact off the metahuman sale. City hall Richard Brooks dram Ralph as Wolfe caused several laughs — something this present has not been doing not have at all this season. Unfortunately, Ralph quiet doesn’t quite have actually a handle on this ability; his powers start failing as shortly as that meets Amunet, and also he’s required to flee the scene before being captured. (Next: The Thinker provides his move)

Given this current setback, Iris decides that their finest course of action is it is in to have actually Cisco, Caitlin, and also Ralph breach into the jail and complimentary Barry; however, Ralph, discouraged indigenous his many recent failure, decides to sit this one out since he’s worried that he’ll allow them down again. Obviously, this means it’s time for our weekly Flash pep talk. This week, however, the present does other different and enlists Killer Frost to provide it. Killer Frost’s tough and lazy pep talk was a welcome change of pace that made the beat not feel as redundant as it would have actually if anyone else had done it.

Meanwhile, Barry and the metas do their method through the surbanbreathnyc.comers. Forcing Barry to team up v his opponents could’ve let to some amazing dynamics, yet the manuscript doesn’t take advantage of every one of the possibilities of this setup. Sure, there’s part mildly feeling evil-y banter between the bad guys, however that’s about it. The being said, i did enjoy how the show handled Becky, the meta who can regulate luck. Unequal the rest of her villainous compatriots, Becky vows the she’s done using her powers for evil, and also we also see she take care of Barry ~ he harms his hand. It’s yet another reminder that Becky stands the end from numerous of the show’s villains-of-the-week due to the fact that she has actually an really personality.

Eventually, Barry and the metas with the prison yard wherein Wolfe is wait for them. That reveals Barry is the speed in an initiative to revolve the metas versus him, however thankfully Becky, the most an effective one, has actually Barry’s ago and uses her strength to save him from the metas, Wolfe, and also Amunet Black. Yet this win is short lived since the Thinker mirrors up, drains the life (and probably powers) out of all of the metas, and transfers his consciousness into Becky’s body: a an extremely welcome advancement because street Lyn Beard is among the show’s best guest stars. However, the Thinker doesn’t stop there. He also kills and also drains the life the end of Wolfe, too, a move that horrifies the Thinker’s wife Marlize.

Speaking of Marlize and also the Thinker: among the points that made “True Colors” feel rather muddled is the it wasn’t specifically clear what it to be trying to execute with the Thinker and Marlize. At the peak of the episode, this villainous pair basically go through the same thing Joe and Cecile did critical week v regards come Cecile’s mind-reading powers: The Thinker is openly using his powers to probe Marlize’s mind, and also she doesn’t favor it and also tries to protect herself native it. The unwillingness come share she mind, however, antagonizes the Thinker, and also after taking manage of Becky’s body, he medicine Marlize in bespeak to do her more compliant. It’s horrifying advance that’s not entirely surprising offered the Thinker’s arrogance, yet it renders me worried that the Thinker will eventually murder his wife. Ns really hope that doesn’t happen since one the the most amazing things about this messy arc is that Team flash is dealing with off versus a married couple and not just a solo baddie.

While the DeVoes’ marriage has actually grown toxic, Team speed earns its very first win in its battle versus them. Ralph uses his strength to shape-shift right into the original DeVoe and also wheels himself right into the courtroom top top the day of Barry’s very nice in bespeak to clean Barry’s name. I’ll recognize it’s a rather easy however clever means of releasing Barry the I absolutely didn’t view coming. Everyone’s elated to have actually Barry home, however Barry can’t stop worrying about what the Thinker has actually in keep — not only for the remainder of the bus metas who are out there, but, an ext importantly, because that Ralph.

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