Shahs of Sunset adheres to a team of girlfriend who room trying come juggle their energetic soci...more

Shahs the Sunset complies with a group of girlfriend who are trying come jugg...More

Shahs the Sunset

Shahs of Sunset follows a group of girlfriend who room trying to juggle their energetic social lives and also up-and-coming careers while balancing the requirements of your families and traditions. This passionate socialites space fervent on the dating and also party scene, yet seeking approval indigenous their family members they face pressures to work out down and marry within the community. From outings on Rodeo journey to timeless Persian feasts in ~ home, this series celebrates the distinctive lifestyle of a team of friends who have worked har




Reza place on a "Peace in the middle East" costume party in an attempt to carry the group ago together. GG tries duty on for dimension at the LA Fashion mainly runway. MJ and also Tommy decide to take the next step toward ending up being parents.

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Reza and also Adam have an emotionally experience exploring both the surrogacy and fostering routes. GG introduce her boyfriend to her parents. The Shahs space excited for their trip to Israel, however getting right into the country proves to it is in harder than it seems.
Asa plan a expedition to the ancient city of Akko to shoot a documentary, however a spiritual tension in between Mike and also GG comes to a head. Reza attempts to tap right into his Jewish side, while MJ battles to discover a clear vision of she future through Tommy.
During their journey towards knowledge in Israel, drama erupts when Asa autumn a bombshell throughout a team lunch. The guys take MJ out to dinner to offer advice on she future. Asa expose the sex of her infant on the last night that the trip.
MJ hears part gossip about Shervin the spreads come the remainder of the crew. Adam continues to put pressure on Reza, MJ and also Tommy continue their own baby-making quest, and also even GG's organic clock begins to tick. Mike decides to expand his shoe line.
As Reza and Adam uncover out if your swimmers are solid enough to produce a small Farahan of their own, MJ proceeds to question just how Asa became pregnant. Asa holds an occasion to display screen the video she filmed in Israel, hope to lug everyone together.
Reza discovers the Mike is no officially divorced. Asa confronts Mike about how diverted she's felt because announcing the pregnancy. Shervin assures nobody speak to Annalise about the rumors and GG do the efforts to bury the hatchet through her sister.
Shervin and also Annalise have an unwanted guest bring some unwanted news. GG's friend helps her pack for brand-new York. MJ speak her mom that she desires a baby. The crew top to MJ's, yet the night turns right into a drunken mess and Tommy fall a bomb ~ above MJ.
As the crew sets out to check out GG’s performance, anyone is in ~ a crossroads in their relationship. Mike has recently signed his divorce papers. Reza and also Adam meet with a gay Rabbi to uncover some clarity. MJ and also Tommy endure the aftermath of a fight.
LaToya Jackson provides Asa advice on how to address being a member of a famously infamous family. Tommy, MJ and some of the crew visit Tommy's family. The topic of GG's play might put she newly-engaged status in danger.
GG and also Reza uncover some information about Mike and Jessica. Reza renders a statement through his play. Adam and also Reza's small tiffs pertained to a head. GG and Reza placed their setup to run interference between Jessica, Mike and also Mike's mother into action.
The Shahs look ago on their expedition to Israel and also their efforts to lug some peace to the center East, castle waste no time reopening wounds. When Asa confronts Mercedes around calling her son a “bastard,” years of problem reach the break point.
Golnesa's estranged husband payment a surprise visit; Mike delivers the final word on his future with his ex-wife; Shervin addresses the infidelity rumors; Reza and also husband Adam surprise their friends v jaw-dropping news; Andy Cohen hosts.

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Shahs that Sunset

Shahs of Sunset complies with a group of friend who room trying come juggle their energetic social lives and up-and-coming careers if balancing the demands of their families and also traditions. This passionate socialites are fervent on the dating and party scene, however seeking approval from their family they confront pressures to clear up down and marry within the community. Native outings top top Rodeo drive to traditional Persian feasts at home, this series celebrates the unique lifestyle that a group of friends who have worked har

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