It’s day one of the “glamping trip” and things aren’t starting out so glamorously, together the Housewives roll up to the campsite v all type of interlopers and drama. Phaedra hopes that the new air will certainly “tame the wild animals.” Not once you have loose cannon and also cameltoe support Marlo in tow.

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When they come at the campsite, Phaedra spills that they’re going to need to bunk with each other because half of the ladies carried plus-ones and also Marlo says she’s gotta sleep alone in a tent since she has actually gas problems. Marlo. No one has actually time to attend to your gastrointestinal problems. Particularly not once snakes space slithering approximately in the grass. Also, they need to assemble their very own tents. This totality trip feels like a Saw-esque manipulation by Phaedra to drive everyone to your breaking points. Mild physical labor? Exposure to herbal air? lengthy contact through everyone’s fake-ass friends? Sounds favor torture come me.

Before they deserve to assemble their very own tents, Sheree and Marlo sit under to number out the best method to orchestrate the debates for the evening. Tonight’s catalyst is the rumor the Kandi is a lesbian. I don’t desire to unpack everything homophobic rash that’s bring about the ladies to think this is some shocking reveal or scandalous fact. However they room using it as an forgive to bring up that people are talk behind Kandi’s back. Suuuuuuuuuuuuure.

The women head to the campsite to pitch your tents and also it takes literally two hours. Yes not much substance come this episode, but a montage the the ladies trying to put together some camping tents will constantly be comedic gold. When “TWO hrs LATER” through a shot of the moon flashed top top the screen, i was on my knees praying because that the well-being of a group of adult in the woods by themselves. Specifically when Porsha asks come the tree themselves, “What’s the movie whereby they eat people because they’re ~ above the mountain?” What movie might she be talking about?

Once the fire is roaring and the tents are popped, that time to relax and also settle in because that Ask Marlo. A game no one request for. I’m sensing a trend v Marlo. She bring the chic-ness to the wild with her bedazzled bottle of Off and her cameltoe. She starts by laying right into Kenya and also telling her specifically what’s wrong through her fake eyelashes. Among the very first questions meant to line up some drama is why aren’t Kenya and Marlo friends anymore. Marlo explains that Kenya no invite her to her date of birth or she housewarming. Kenya claims she’s apologized multiple times and Marlo comes back with, “Them earrings are a disaster, you can’t store a damaged man, and if someone’s mom doesn’t want to it is in bothered with them, that’s exactly how you understand she’s evil.”

Way harsh, Marlo.

Kenya calls Marlo a prostitute and Phaedra seizes the moment to imply the females come with each other for unity and sisterhood and not contact each various other bitches and hos. Sheree decides to carry up the lesbian rumors. Good call, Sheree.

The following morning, it’s time for Kenya to take over the events of the day and also sit down to a glamporous meal. Sheree and Marlo tell everyone that Marlo walked come the cabins in the center of the night with just the light of her cell phone to guide her. Ns can’t judge due to the fact that my friend had a wedding on a hill in the Michigan Dunes and a couple of of united state missed the last bus down to the parking lot so us walked around a mile and a fifty percent in the dark. Ns relate to literally only among Marlo’s impulses. In ~ brunch, Phaedra says that she divorce is almost-almost final and also Kandi claims that if her spouse is in jail, girlfriend can get a divorce in 60 days. What’s the host up, Phaedra? Cynthia claims that her divorce is almost finalized, but Peter won’t be in ~ the settlement signing and she breaks down because she wanted that final moment that closure with him. She’s the only one who has a actual emotional reaction come anything in any type of given episode. Everyone tries to lull Cynthia by telling her the she’s going to be married again soon because she’s beautiful. Um … check out the room, guys.

The very first glamping activity? Kayaking and paddleboats. Everyone seems pretty excited around some boating but Sheree … oh, Sheree. When simply a little bit of water gets into the paddleboat, she FLIPS every the method out and also screams, “I DON’T want MY FEET IN THE WATER! THIS IS DISGUSTING! there’s PISS IN THIS WATER! look at AT these BUGS IN THERE! I just SAT IN SOME! it STINKS, i’m SITTING ~ above NASTY WATER! my FEET are SOAKING WET!” She also says sitting in dirty water is just how you gain yeast infections. Just if she downriver the a bread factory, Sheree. So, that activity is a bust.

Next task is simply jumping turn off a big-ass tower right into the eight of a bucket hat-wearing bro called Jason. Phaedra no going to jump due to the fact that Jesus didn’t provide her wings so the didn’t want her to fly. Castle all assistance each other and make to the soil safely and it’s time for their glamourous dinner.

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Everyone place on their best and heads to a gigantic picnic table that Cynthia and Kenya decorated through plastic alcohol glasses and also tealights. Marlo it s okay the conversation roll by asking Kandi if she’s a lesbian due to the fact that she heard someone was talking about it. Porsha puts on her best shocked pantomime and asks, “WHO claimed THAT? WHO? WHO?” Kandi easily dispels the rumor the she’s a lesbian (which would be well and also bisexuals exist, everyone, if Kandi enjoys the agency of various other ladies) but wants to understand who began the rumor. Phaedra just drinks her wine and also keeps quiet to avoid any attention, yet it easily becomes clear that it was Porsha. The editors have another bit of fun when they cut to two minutes previously to check out Porsha’s face cracking at the rumor she started. Kandi accuses Porsha of having dipped in the lady pond and also says that Porsha do not do it be to run her mouth considering every little thing Kandi knows around her. Porsha cases it was a tiny bit of shade and fun and she doesn’t even remember speak that? ns mean, who could? it’s not favor there’s video clip of it or anything.

The women retreat right into their cabins to re-group and promise support assured destruction. We’ve got a lot come look front to next episode!